Secret nerf by the devs on Sentinels bonuses for higher ranks or just a bug?


Bump. Still no word on this?


No, this secret nerf from the devs concerned only 1 guild on Xbox and maybe not even 5 if you take all platforms, so they wont hear many players about this one.

Simply telling us “we thought that 11 attack, 19 life and shield and 11 magic bonus was too much for paragon when all 30 members had all sentinels to lvl 5 so we reduced that to 8, 14, 14, 8” was probably too much asking. And I think it was right choice to reduce a little the bonus for ranks 1 to 4. I understand their decision…not communicate it because almost no guilds are concerned by this was a mistake.


Just revisiting this thread. We found a display issue where total bonuses were displaying incorrectly. On top of that we managed to sneak in a fix with the last patch for the Bonuses screen itself, so it should now be displaying all information correctly! (and now with a decimal place to allow people to tell when bonuses are less than 1)


This is my current sentinal bonus page and I still don’t understand it. Why is my attack 6 and my magic 7 when all numbers are the same?


This is likely due to rounding. So it’s likely that your Attack bonus from Solder is less than 1.5, while the bonus for Magic is greater than 1.5. The numbers in green on the right take into account decimal places, while the yellow and white ones are truncated. Unfortunately the decimal places I’d put in are only showing for values less than 1, otherwise they get truncated. I’ll see if I can tweak this to be a bit clearer in the next update.


I’ll also add that all members have sentinals maxed so has it always been intended for slightly different bonuses for maxed attack and magic? My ocd can’t take it!! :confounded:


No @Ozball, 30 members with all sentinels at level 5 should give same attack / magic bonus.


This has always been the case for Vanguards, due to the fact that Solider scaling is different between attack and magic.