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Secret nerf by the devs on Sentinels bonuses for higher ranks or just a bug?

Im on Xbox but I guess this must concern all platforms:

Before 3.2 update, a Paragon had +11 attack, +19 life, +19 shield and +11 magic bonuses when all 30 members had all their sentinels to lvl 5.

I am Paragon this week and here are my bonuses: +8 attack, +14 life, +14 shield, +8 magic.
All 30 members have sentinels to lvl 5.

Thats 3 attack and magic lost and 5 shield and life lost!

I dont recall seeing any words from the devs about that on patch notes or anywhere else. Maybe I have missed the info?

I would like a confirmation from a dev if this is intended or a bug, please.



Tip for future reference: If you ever find yourself thinking “is X either a secret stealth nerf, or just a bug?”, then the answer is almost always one of two things. Either 1) it’s just a bug, or 2) you were wrong about something in the first place.

Given that, I suggest you first double-check and verify your numbers, and if they still look wrong, file a bug report in the Support section. Veiled insults or implications help no one.


You forgot option 3: it might really be a nerf from the devs.
My numbers are absolutely correct +11,+19,+19 and +11 was old Paragons bonuses and +8,+14,+14 and +8 are actual bonuses. All sentinels from all members to the max.

btw I have no idea where you saw veiled insults in my previous post?? If not only you have nothing useful to write in my thread, but you also invent things, I guess its better to just shut up!


I forgot nothing; I told you what the answer almost always is. If you double checked your numbers, then go post a bug report in the appropriate forum.

Starting your post off with vague “secret nerf” questions comes across as accusatory and insulting. If you feel that my telling you the correct course of action to report a bug is “nothing useful”, then I don’t know what else to tell you.


I agree with @Amadan here… This is unnecessarily hostile and belligerent


You told me nothing useful in your 2 answers! All I need is an answer from a dev as stated in my 1st post.

I wrote all ranks bonuses before 3.2 update and now only rank 5 is the same (5, 10, 10, 5)
Another example is rank 2: +9, +17, +17, +10 before update and now its +7, +13, +13, +7.


Fake news!

Your tone in your post and title was accusative and thus insulting.

That said i see no benefit to further this discussion so i am muting this thread.

Have a wonderful morning

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Well as my numbers are 100% correct (no need to be a genius to write paragons bonuses when all 30 members had their sentinels to 5 and to do it again after 3.2 update) There are 3 options:

  1. Its a bug
  2. Its a nerf that is not secret and I simply didnt find it on the patch notes. (would be my fault)
  3. Its a nerf that has not been communicated from the devs.
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And out come the trolls…


Lol where? I didnt see any…

Here the 5 ranks with 30 members having all their senitinels at lvl 5:

Before update 3.2: (I wrote these stats at least 2 months ago)

rank 1: +11 +19 +19 +11
rank 2: +9 +17 +17 +10
rank 3: +8 +14 +14 +9
rank 4: +6 +12 +12 +7
rank 5: +5 +10 +10 +5

After update 3.2: (I only noticed this week these lowered stats but I cant be sure it is since 3.2)

rank 1: +8 +14 +14 +8
rank 2: +7 +13 +13 +7
rank 3: +7 +12 +12 +7
rank 4: +6 +12 +11 +6
rank 5: +5 +10 +10 +5

Only rank 5 is identical (obviously as there is no rank 6 that could give them bonuses).

I read the 3.2 patch note and saw nothing about that. An explanation from a dev is much needed, thank you in advance.

@ozball @Alpheon


I’m on PC steam.
And, unless my childhood arithmetic class failed me completely, I’m pretty sure the numbers in these Sentinel equations don’t add up.
@Ozball, is this another known bug issue?

sentinel bonus bug

I’m currently looking into this. But I can say we haven’t touched the sentinel bonuses in 3.2.


They do if you only add the yellow numbers, and allow for hidden rounding.

This chart is confusing as hell then.
And there are no explanation at all telling us to ignore the white numbers…

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Isn’t that the fun of games like this, though? Having to figure out the puzzles? :wink:

Kidding - you are right, it should be a lot clearer.

They cost more to upgrade than before. That I do know.

I didn’t notice any cost change? Xb1.

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Level 2 costs 30,000 gold, not 25,000. 600 glory, not 500.

Was your answer to Sidousai or to me?

The bonuses for all 5 ranks I wrote are correct.
My guild ALWAYS have 30 members upgrading ALL sentinels to 5.

Some weeks ago, when I was Paragon, my stats were +11, +19, +19, +11 and now I only have +8, +14, +14, +8.

You can check all 5 ranks differences on post 12.