Was there a Secret Nerf to Guardians?

Ive noticed the last week that Guardian casts are not resulting in matches like ever.

I just played a match and did 11 casts with Justice…all it did was keep changing skulls to blue and blue to skulls…

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I’ve always had mixed luck with my guardian casts. I did go and build a Justice team just to check this out.

I played 5 explores 20 casts, it seemed to happen once. Now it probably didn’t actually happen as a swap, I was just watching a small area of the board and probably those couple happened to just randomly swap.

The same thing was happening to me last night with my guardian team. Couldn’t win so I switched to another team. No problems. Let the wins commence

The only changes we’ve done to Guardians, is the ones we announced in the blog:


Can you take screenshots of your before/after states? I thought that gem creators would never eliminate the colors they were creating – so Green Slime would never overwrite a green with a green, and Jarl would never overwrite a red/yellow with red/yellow. Is that not actually the case?

Yeah they can overwrite their own color. I’ve seen it happen otherwise it would be way too easy to loop (even easier than it already is).

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May be a fluke, but the past week, my guardians are hardly worth using anymore. I feel really lucky if i do get a match 4, when it used to happen a least 1/3 of the time? I even tried again after reading and just seemed like they still didnt work like they used to