Secret nerf by the devs on Sentinels bonuses for higher ranks or just a bug?


Not for me on Xbox. as paragon this week, all my yellow numbers show 0. My base bonuses show 5, 10, 10, 5 and with other member boost, I have 8, 14, 14, 8.
But the main issue is why I went from 11, 19, 19, 11 last month to 8, 14, 14, 8 this week.
If its a deliberate nerf from the devs, I would understand. All I ask is to know if its a nerf or a bug.


Cost looked normal to me. What changed is the ability to purchase multiple levels at once. Going from zero to level 2 cost me 30,000 which is the same as before except before I had to do it in two transactions before (5,000 and 25,000) instead of one.


Maybe that’s it then, thanks for letting me know but I’ll double check.


The cost is exactly the same.


@Truxton is of course correct in that statues sometimes don’t add up properly. Sometimes my bonus for magic/attack and def/health would differ by one even though those two pairs should be the same when everyone maxes out statues. I hope it was only a display bug.
Since truxton has 30 members that all max statues out, he notices things other guilds might not.


I’ve experienced the same.


A bit of both. We haven’t changed the bonuses that statues give in 3.2. We’re currently looking into if the bonuses tab is displaying them correctly.


I don’t know exactly but when I have been paragon lately my team does seem weaker but this has been going on well before the update and I thought I missed something…I don’t really need them to win though…


On my post 12, I wrote the bonuses received before and after update 3.2 but I cant be sure that the lowered stats are exactly since 3.2. And perhaps its only a display bug and the stats are still same as before. I wrote maybe 2 months ago on paper all the bonuses for the 5 ranks when all 30 members have all their sentinels to 5 and this week, while beeing paragon, I noticed that the bonuses showed in sentinels menu were 3 attack and magic and 5 shield and life lower.
I will try to check on my next GW day if I have +8 or +11 magic bonus. I forgot to check today.


This Sentinel bonus is totally broken!!!
While I am still waiting for explanation from devs about why a Paragon went from +11, +19, +19, +11 bonuses 1 or 2 months ago to +8, +14, +14, +8 last week, now this week I have +7 in attack in place of +8 ! My stats: +7, +14, +14, +8.

I can understand the nerf from 11, 19, 19, 11 to 8, 14, 14, 8 but I have more trouble to understand how I could went from +8 attack last week to +7 attack this week when in both these 2 weeks ALL 30 MEMBERS HAD/HAVE ALL SENTINELS TO LVL 5 !!!

@Nimhain @Ozball


I agree, instead of giving us false hopes as gifts, just fix the mistakes in the game.


It just so happens that there was a Aussie holiday, that everyone was made aware of.


It seems that when a problem concern very few players, its more hard to receive an answer from a dev.
I dont know how many guilds have every week all 30 members with all sentinels to 5 but certainly not that much which means very few players are aware of this Sentinels bonuses nerf (bug?) and the mysterious +7 attack this week for Paragon compared to last week +8. With in both case all 30 members with all sentinels to 5.


I can’t help you. Most but not all max to 5. I will tell you that developer’s make no money fixing bugs. Therefore they will keep pushing new content because that’s where the money is. As long as the system is built to work that way we will continue to see bugs and new bugs.


My guess is that the reduced stats for Ranks 1 to 4 (paragon got the biggest reduction) compared to 2 months ago is a nerf and not a bug. About this week +7 attack in place of +8, I dont know and will probably never know…same thing for ranks 1 to 4 reduction. :pensive:
But I agree there is definately too much little bugs with almost every new weeks content, even if its not game breaking bugs.
And I still cant swallow most of the new UI (the black and white icons surrounded by blue circle in the world map, the playground that is not opaque anymore, the chest opening when I try to see one by one the awards droping :scream: and the inferior troop filter despite the nice addition of 2 or more mana colour filter).


I’d love to hear from the other top guilds on xb1 what bonus stats they are getting. Even if they don’t have all 30 members at lv 5 it could still be useful info.



You notice any sentinel bonus gw reduction on ps4?


I would like to offer that but sadly I did not keep track of that statistic.


Even saying what bonus you have this week would be helpful.


It does seem to be a bit lower. I don’t remember what they normally are off the top of my head.