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Guild Wars Sentinels Buffed?

Just curious were the bonuses for sentinels increased on guild wars or is this a bug, we are seeing some outrageous buffs on PS4. This is also only a Vangaurd rank they are much much higher at Paragon level


Champion here

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Yeah, +11 magic should not be happening under the rules we have been using. The bonuses should top out at +5 magic for you, +5 from other players if you are Paragon.

Same on xbox. Paragon is getting +23 magic I think.

I’m Herald this week:
All 30 members max sentinels.

Same on PS4. @Cyrup can you see if this is a bug on consoles ?

And PC/mobile also. My boosts looked higher this week than I’m accustomed to, but none of them were categorically impossible like the OP’s screenshot is.

Paragon’s Lord and Lady Ironbeard hitting for over 160 damage is hard to manage :crazy_face:
Very tough job for soldiers this week because they get no super buffed sentinels but yet have to deal with opponents who do.


Thank God red day is at the end of this week. I am not looking forward to dealing with turn-2 OHKOs if I can’t somehow block blue, yellow, and brown while filling my own troops.

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Our red day was today. Wasn’t easy on champion and paragon fights. But still 9300+ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah. Came to the forum to see if anyone else was noticing bonkers-high stats on their Guild Wars opponents.

Hi all. We’re currently looking into this issue.

Should we change category to bug reports?

Edit: Nevermind Oz is on the case.:smiley:

So change it mid week or let it play out?

Ever had a guild wars week that wasn’t bugged?
It only came out over a year ago… Still in the beta phase. :+1:


Just a heads up, that post was from before I was a developer and was purely on my own investigation into the numbers people reported here on the forums, so it shouldn’t be taken as a dev post.

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Add one more table to the to be flipped queue i suppose. I though last week some stats were high but I thought it was pet bonuses.

The sentinel numbers were higher last Guild Wars and this Guild Wars and its kinda ridiculous. Beatable, but ridiculous. I’m glad I’m not a Soldier.

Hi everyone! The development team have decided to leave Guild Wars as it is - changing anything is going to go down bad either way, and there doesn’t seem to be a positive solution that fits everyone. Global compensation has been sent out to all players.


It’ll be changed for next Guild Wars though, right?

+18 Att, +30 Armor, +30 Life, +20 Magic for me this week at rank champion. :laughing:
Paragon should be this week +21, +36, +36, +23. (with 30 members with all sentinels to 5)

And there I was scratching my head what my opponents could possibly be feeding their pets to come up with such super tough defense teams. :astonished: