Scarlett bonus bug

i have my warrior named scarlett with its bonus it says 16 damage if monster double of the damage but it does not effect in any battle against monster only 16 damage

Scarlett does double damage against beasts not monsters.

beast bonus comes after 2 upgrade also

What language are you playing in?


ok i see this a german card describe mistake

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Thanks for finding that.

I’ll look trying to get that fixed.


So… Traduction issues should be reported to you?
I reported two horrible french translation to Sirrian, but it’s been a long time since he didn’t answer (before 2.0 was released, but I suspect 2.0 is the reason none the less).

French berserker spell :
Deal 3-{1} damage […] gain {4} attack
Should be
Deal {1}-{2} damage […] gain 4 attack

French Wight spell :
[…] creates 5 green gems
Should be
[…] creates 5 purple gems
-> “violettes” instead of “vertes”

I even gave Sirrian the “id” of the text in the translation text for it to be easier :confused:
(If you could retreive it from him, I’m currently on phone… And at work, going back to it ! )

For reference:

Based on the World.xml in the fr_FR folder on the Steam version

Life Drain (Wight’s Spell)
Line 1475
Tag SPELL7037
Current Text: Vole {1} points de vie à un ennemi. Créé 5 gemmes vertes.

Berserk! (Berserker’s Spell)
Line 1523
Tag SPELL7061
Current Text: Inflige 3-{1} points de dégâts à un ennemi. Vous inflige 2 points de dégâts et vous accorde {4} points d’attaque.

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@Nimhain Another error for Staff of Madness in French
Deals 1 damage (it is hardcoded to say 1 dmg)

More references

Baguette de Folie
Line 1889
Tag SPELL7244
Current Text: Inflige 1 de dégât à tous les ennemis. Vole 1 d’une stat aléatoire à chaque ennemi.


Thanks! Don’t have the XML handy at the moment