Typo on card w/pic

No big deal at all but figured I’d point out the typo.


I do not know what to look for.

Have you looked at the words yet? :smiling_imp:

Maybe “and enemy” is hinting that Adana will be getting a troop spawner in the future. Just a random guess. :wink:

I kept reading “and” as “the”
That is my bad.

Wide Burst: Deal 2 damage to all enemies. 20% chance to burn and enemy.

It’s a typo on a version 1 card.
Been reported a few times now, but didn’t this show up only in a recent update?

Another set of typos in the Hero weapons:
On console, there are syntax errors in the text descriptions for “Warden’s Gauntlets” and “Warlord’s Battlecry”.

The grammatical phrasing has been corrected (and improved) in the PC/Mobile version for Warden’s Gauntlets, but Warlord’s Battlecry still needs a definite article in the clause “Boosted by [the] enemy’s Attack.”

Typo doesn’t exist in PC version (now anyway, it might have before): Flame Cannon - Troops - Gems of War Database

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Haven’t noticed many errors in the cards, but when playing the story at the different kingdoms, there are ALOT of typos. although it is most just the same word being misspelled every time…“you”. they always have “you” where a “your” is needed. its not too big of a deal, but when you see it appear so often, you wonder “who proof reads this stuff”, they need to be told to proofread better. With how many times your is misspelled, it’'s like the writer is trying to point out that the proof reader isn’t doing his job…if there even is a proofreader. if there is no proofreader, then that would explain alot.

(i think it was supposed to your atleast…it is 6:30 am and i stayed up all night…my brain isn’t working very well, but i do know it was you related)

New drinking game: Shots every time proof read is said in that paragraph. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


This is sirrian’s fault.

Proofreading is harder than you think.

People who write novels for a living often submit their pre-publication manuscripts to a small circle of fans, who’ll put the text under a microscope, give feedback on the writing quality, etc. Ideally software in the Q.A. process ought to pick out the typos, but to do that, you’d need to hire several grammar nazis to consistently pick up the errors. A single proofreader isn’t sufficient to produce typo-free text.

Although I consistently make mistakes, so just commiserating, not pointing fingers

I found another one on “Keeper of Souls”:

it’s “summon” not “Summon”.