Save us a google

Instead of the task being Win a battle with the Whitehelm banner, can’t it just say Win a battle with the Holy banner?


im guessing its a console task thing?

It is. I reclassified it.

@Yourmum has a point, it’s not obvious in-game which banner matches which kingdom; you can’t look it up anywhere (obvious place would be in the kingdom menu screens, like lore tab)…

…unless you memorise them like many of us saddos around here…


There was another thread going with the same request. I commented (in agreement) over there and have also added it to the Quality of Life thread.


Just out of interest, why aren’t console feature requests allowed in the feature request section?

feature request section is open for all platforms, its not labeled for pc/mobile alone

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Keep in mind, console has a lot of little nifty features mobile doesn’t.

This isn’t a feature request really. It’s a quality of life / clarification point, not anything new. I’d suggest it’s also helpful classifying it as console stuff to increase the chances of console players commenting and supporting the idea, as they’ll be the ones typically feeling more strongly about it.

It’s also an unhelpful title to the thread: much better chance of getting noticed / attention from devs and other console players if the title mentioned “console banner tasks”. “Save us a google” may be witty or catchy, but could mean anything, and many visitors don’t have time to read every random-titled thread.

Am agreeing @Yourmum, mind, it was a good point to make and a good change to be had.

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