Salamander special attack

Is anyone else having a problem when they use salamanders attack and then the game crashes? I have tried Zaejin stage 8 defeat the black beasts 4 times now and everytime i use salamanders special the game crashes.

There are a couple topics on this, but they’re specific to the console version. Are you talking PC/Mobile as per the thread category?


Ah i couldn’t find a thread for the ps4 thank you lyya!

Not a problem. Can someone with privileges move this thread to Console, please? I’m still not Empowered.

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Hm looks like ill be taking him out of my lineup until the next patch :frowning: sadface feelsbadman

On xbox I have a crash (game freeze) when opponent use salamander special power. That need to be fixed (same for abhorat with full 3 traits).

Both those are already fixed on our end - just waiting on the new patch to go live.