Using the Salamander's attack twice a round freezes everything (PS4)

Hi there!

Already sent a tweet to pipeworks about this issue but maybe this is the better place.

Thing is, whenever I use the Salamander’s attack (Scorching Blast) for the second time during a match (the first time it works as intended), the game completely freezes (which is kinda ironic ).

Not even pressing the PS button, which usually brings you back to the dashboard, helps. It just stays on this very frame, not responding to anything anymore. I have to hold the PS button and then manually close the game.

Apart from that, I really like the new Salamander troop. Burning is a nice addition!


This is true though i can attack more than twice at times the game still ends up freezing or just straight up crashes randomly when attacking with it. I had been meaning to report this but i got its name mixed up with something else and figured it was already reported on

I’m glad you wrote this, as I can give a better explanation here than on Twitter.

Yes, we know about the Salamander issue, but it’s not actually an issue with Salamander. The problem is the Burning effect. In certain instances, if Burning is applied to a troop that is immune to Burning or status effects in general, it causes the problem you’re seeing.

Like I said on Twitter, we’ve got a fix for this (and a few other problems people have reported) that should be available soon. I’ll let you all know when it’s coming as soon as we finalize those plans.

Wait, wait, wait. How did you get that smiley to role his eyes? :open_mouth:

I didn’t even notice that. Good question!

What sort of wizard are you, @cenorexia?

If you have a look at the underlying code, it’s an independent gif, not a built-in forum emoji. Nice trick. :slight_smile:

@Nex Thanks for the replies, both here and on twitter. And sorry - I just replied to those tweets again before seeing that you already wrote here…

Good to know what causes the problem. Unfortunately the Salamander’s attack chooses a random enemy, otherwise I would just choose someone else.

edit: I also said on Twitter that it happens everytime I use the Salamander for the second time but that might just be a coincidence then.

And regarding the rolley-eyes smiley: I’m not a wizard (which would be cool, though). I just made a bunch of animated GIFs waaaaay back in 2OO3 or something and tend to use them on forums when there’s the possibility