Sacrificial Priest - Double Souls Event


Good news!
With some fixes in place for a couple of issues that surrounded the Sacrificial Priest yesterday, we’re now having a Double Souls event!
Use a Sacrificial Priest in a successful PvP Invasion, and you’ll get double the usual reward in Souls (that’s double AFTER the Soul Cap… so get those Valkyrie teams fired up!)


Holy…! (Or should that be Unholy?)

Nice! Thanks for this @Sirrian! Get to give Valk a good work out now that I’ve got the team mostly sorted out, just need to figure out how best to use S.Priest.


It’s a sad sad time for console players lol


It’s always a sad time for console players who that hang out in this forum. You constantly get to see things that you won’t get for weeks, or months…


So, I guess that’s how the Valkyrie / Giant Spider / Sacrificial Priest invasion begins. Hide your kids, hide your wife, there are gonna be some sacrifices !


True, but a double souls event? I don’t think anything (minus a higher multiplier of souls) could be more heartbreaking


Not even sure double souls will get me to make a team with this troop in it.


It’s only worth it, if you combine hm with Valkyrie. I’m not able to do that, so I’ll pass this event.


Team I currently run earns me 70-130 souls a fight and could not take out any one of the troops in that team to make room for this lame duck.


I lack souls to immediately level up new troops outside of my schedule. I will probably never be able to participate in those events.

I’m no sparkgrinder: Never change a running system :wink:


Or years considering how slowly they get event troops.


With Sacrificial Priest:
Warlord IV, with Dragon Armour = 22 souls
Warlord IV, with Celestial Armour = 26 souls

Not too shabby, without linking to Valk or troop with necromancy trait.


I called this yesterday in Steam, lol. I wasn’t expecting a full 100% though.


why not make it triple souls event…that’s more worth to put it in a team.


People are complaining and want more than a double soul income from the event? I did not even expect it to be double to be honest.


Does this basically mean the soul cap is removed or the cap got doubled? Example: normal cap is 60 souls but with priest on your team it is extended to 120?


Correct. Priest extends the Soul Cap, but only when he’s on the Team in PvP.

While these events aren’t super-popular with top 2-3% of players, they actually have a huge effect for the rest of the player-base who haven’t had the time to completely optimize their teams & kingdoms.

EDIT: PLUS I find troops like this make a fun change for a week, and personally I enjoy building and trying new teams to get a good result! To each their own though!


Agreed, it’s nice to break up the team rotation IMO. Thanks for the great work you do!


Am I the only not seeing any event in game? I mean, the event does work properly, but I don’t see any anouncement.

Just a little concerned for players not browsing the forums, especially when @Sirrian says this event is better fit for lower level people, people that tends not to come here very often…


I don’t see it either, but it might show up at today’s daily reset. That’s how the other events worked, IIRC.