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Video: Altared Reality Event

Hello everyone! This week I go over the new troop of the Sacrificial Priest and explain some nice teams to use with him. I also briefly went over some farming methods and other useful information.

Since I will likely have the devs post a different video of mine this week (the 2nd Fantasy Series “advertisement”), this video may not reach the dev’s Facebook, so it should be a lot easier for active forum users and my subscribers to get the redeem code this week.


Also, the 2nd Fanatasy Series has started! Make sure to vote. Here is the first match-up where you can navigate to all other match-ups: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/the-2nd-gow-forum-fantasy-series-1-vs-16/6657


Thanks a lot for those videos each week keep up the good work.
PS: I think you should lower your mic volume

Excellent. Thank you.

Yeah, I was wondering about the volume too. I currently have it set around 60%. 45-50% would probably be better. I put it up at first because I am shy and tend to not talk that much, so my voice tends to be quiet. Now I have gotten a bit more comfortable with it, so my voice is louder.

Amazing video as always, but unless one has such powerful troops to get the most benefits of some double or triple combinations of spells it’s really hard to get some value of this priest. Even Runesmith was like a “poor’s man” Sparkgrinder.

Sacrificial Priest, like all summoning troops, is going to be much better in V 2.0. Hopefully the devs cover it in their first preview that is likely to come this weekend. They will likely have 2-3 previews for this patch like they have the last couple times.

I noticed that throughout your videos, but you can tell from tone and pitch you were “shier” at first, now not so much :slight_smile:

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If I had to guess the change to summon atm, it would be:

  • Summoned troops will be able to reach level 20, based on summoner’s magic
  • Troops that summon troops unafiliated to magic (like traits) will summon the troop exactly how you have it leveled.
  • Summoned troops will have traits if you have the traits unlocked

None of that is confirmed; though, the cap being raised to level 20 is likely to happen.

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While i am all for summoning troops getting some deserved Dev love, making the troop they summon every bit as strong as the actual troop in your collection, will just make the summoning troop a superior version of the summoned troop in many cases.

Then use a target-able Spell Troop or two. No summoner, no summoned Troop.

EDIT: Teams will tend to be “built around” the summoner, so you kill the summoner and you’ll most likely cripple the whole team. Then you use those target-able Troops to eliminate the second biggest threat, and so on.


I initially thought that too, but it actually won’t. There are a couple reasons for this.

  • Many traits that trigger at the start of the game will do nothing when summoned
  • A slot has to be cleared
  • You will not have the troop at the start of the battle
  • Most summons are a percent chance
  • Summons that are 100% to summon are all commons with the few exceptions of some underused weak hero weapons

Completely beside the point. My concern is not for balancing, but for the relevance of the summonable troops on their own.

It would be sweet if this was not the case.

Great video, Tacet. Thanks for including a setup for us smaller level people. ::smile_cat:

No problem. :slight_smile:

That build was made for post-event in mind. During the event you will likely want to form a team with Valkyrie. Something like:

Giant Spider
Sacrificial Priest

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You will trigger the traits of the troop that initially was in its place though, so in either way you will have active traits of 4 complete troops from the start. A slot will be cleared naturally by the opponent, you can disregard skulls for that matter if you are sure the troop you can summon at any time to replace the lost one will be a 100% viable replacement which would ideally be the case if the buffs to summon turn out to make the summoned troops exactly as strong as the troop in your collection.

So however you spin it you will have a 100% viable troop in place at the start of the battle, which then can be replaced by another 100% viable troop if it dies, multiple times even.

As for the % chance summons: this seems like the right kind of trade off for bringing a 100% viable troop and imho for those summons it would be absolutely fine, you are rolling the dice on those in the end.
My concern is for the guaranteed summons exclusively and what these summons mean for the respective existing troops on their own.

Right now i still have hopes for troops like Thrall or Orc to get some love in the future making them more desirable on their own, they are a bit subpar right now, but with other troops just creating 100% versions of them at will, i see the spiderling future for them.

Yeah well these are underused and weak solely because the summoned troops aren’t complete versions yet…

To sum it up, this is not a omg summoners are going to be OP!!11 rant, i am not concerned about that, my concern is for the summoned troops relevance on their own, why would you bring one of that troop when you can bring infinite ones as well…

Anyways sorry for derailing this thread… you made a great video like always, i always appreciate the inspiration on event troop teams, keep it up!

Very nice video :slight_smile:

Are you sure you don’t want to debate me on that too? :wink:

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It does sound tempting :slight_smile:
I love debating with you :smiley:
But you know I love both you and your videos :slight_smile:

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What we should do is go to every other matchups and we both pick a different side. Then debate on those teams too :smiley: