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Video: Altared Reality Event

Haha, that sounds fun, but I have other stuff to do atm.

I know, I know, more videos incoming :smiley:
(And finals week as you mentioned, so good luck with that if I haven’t said that already :slight_smile: )

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Thanks. I still have 2 more papers to write. >.<

My finals are coming in 2 weeks so I feel your pain :s
The worst part is that GoW is so much more fun then studying -.:

Even after this semester ends for me in 2 days, I am taking a 5 week class this summer to finish off the last credit I need. A whole semester of work crammed into 5 weeks…

Have the codes survived 9 hours yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

The last time they didn’t post it on their social media it took 17 hours.

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I managed to get a code.

I tried six hours after the post and got bupkis.

I got a code 2 min after u posted the vid… Thanks a ton (although the pull was bad) I got last week’s code too, thanks for sharing with us