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Runestones in delve rooms

I don’t know if it is intended to be the correct behavior. But in over 90% of the cases there are often one or more rooms with water or magic runestones. Over the time I play delves I got a good amount of this kind of runestones. Sometimes if I am lucky I got stone or if I have more luck I got nature runestones. But all the time I have never seen fire or air runestones.
Could there be a chance, that the drop rate of all runestone could be the same?
I don’t know if other people have the same behavior.

Rewards for delve rooms are fixed (they depends on treasure multiplier but the base reward is always the same).
You can see the full list on http://gowdb.com/extras/delvetable.
We have 5 rooms which give purple runics (Crypt’s Treasure, Witches’ Coven, Dark Cabal, Lair of Shadows, Webbed Court), 4 rooms which give blue runics (Drowned Grotto, Frozen Cavern, Murky Deep, Sunken Treasure), 2 rooms which give brown runics (Guarded Chamber, The Iron Gate) and 1 room which give green runics (Goblin Throneroom)

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Thanks for the overview.
But are the rooms you get in a specific delve fixed, too?
If you always play The Deep Hive, will you never get a Doom of Fire or Light? Both rooms can be found in the overview table.

I don’t want a change of a reward of a room, I look for a better rotation of rooms. Your example shows a good example for a not balanced rotation.

Nevertheless I would be happy if I would know the delves where to find more green, red and yellow runestones.

Yes, rooms are delve-specific (though multiple delves can have the same room, mind you; new rooms are not made for each delve).

I’m sure a full list exists somewhere, probably datamined on Tarans site or discord somewhere.

Good luck!

Doom rooms are ToD-only, ignore them for delves.

Ok, I understand, there are currently no rooms for air and fire runestone. :frowning:

Then there is no another way as grind in explore or buy at soulforge each weak once for a specific color.

In my understanding it is useless to have over 100 runestones of a color and the other colors are rare as gold…

So my idea was to set rooms of all colors in the delve.

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It would be nice to see a more even distribution, agreed.

I would also advise against crafting traitstones. The recipes are not player-favorable, and you’re better off opening keys and/or exploring for the traitstones you need.

They really should add Runic Fire (red) and Runic Wind (yellow) traitstones to at least one room each. It’s kind of ridiculous as a mid-end player I have 10 lifetime supplies of the purple and blue ones yet can still run out of yellow and red.

I would suggest Orcish Warband and/or Volcanic Shaft for the red ones. There’s no great fit for the yellow, maybe Chessboard Puzzle or create a new legendary team with Stryx or something, but the imbalance should be addressed anyway.


I totally agree with you. They should add that to the game. Right now it is not balanced.