No Arcane's from delves anymore?

Was getting arcane’s from delves all the time last week but now getting none at all? Is there something i’m missing here or is it rng based to get them?

Did you change factions? Did you stop beating the boss room?

The only Delve with arcanes among the rewards is The Warrens. The boss room drops 1 Arcane Light traitstone. If you’re fighting in any other delve, or not beating that specific room, you’ll get no arcanes.

(You can see the rewards in one of the top corners of the room card!)

Yeah after doing the warrens for awhile kept getting 4 arcane’s as the boss room reward, then moved onto doing Silver Necropolis when it just came out, but thought that after getting arcane’s from the warrens be useful for doing delves in other factions, but it doesn’t seem to be the case and thanks for the reply i’ll be sure to remember that! :slight_smile:

Yeah I don’t know why they only put Arcanes as the reward for one faction. Some people assume it was a mistake and that it will be reverted. I think it’s more likely they wanted to test if it was a good idea, decided it wasn’t how they wanted things to work, but were good enough sports to leave it there instead of taking it back.