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Traitstones from delves becoming useless?

I’ve been delving a lot in the previous faction event that introduced The Warrens. Because there are several battles that have runic magic traitstones and the final battle always gave arcane light traitstones, I now have 130+ runic magic and 88 arcane light stones. After using them on a few traits, all the lower traitsones that you need as well for traits are depleted, leaving me with a bunch of high grade stones that are now useless to me…

I would love to see some more variation in the traitstone rewards from delves, because the way it works now the stones quickly cease to become a reward.
The simplest solution imo would be to make the color of the stones you get random. Another would be to add recipes to the soulforge to ‘boil down’ traitstones to their lower components.

What are your thoughts on this? And if any devs are reading this: is there an idea behind the skewed rewards for delves (i.e. having 4 room types that give runic magic stones, but none that give light ones)?

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That’s the nature of the beast regarding Traitstones collection. There will be a point in time where you will have a huge surplus.

But for newish players still in need these will be always welcome as you need to unlock all traits to ulock the highest stars on each kingdom.


They have never distributed things evenly, but there’s wiggle room in the future delve rooms (which I hope never come out) to put more traitstones of other kinds.

I’ve been meaning to put in a feature request for a balancing of runic traitstone room rewards - same thing happening with me (heaps of purple runics, close to 0 yellows). I had been hoping the new rooms added in 4.1 would address that, but most of them were glory rewards (which, don’t get me wrong, are nice), or more purple/blue(/brown?) runics.

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Gold rewards are useless. Soul rewards are useless.

In terms of traitstones, you’ll fill up on majors, then minors, then runics, then arcanes naturally, unless you’re a very casual player.

Then the only thing left is Glory, which I’m banking 3-5k weekly and will bank even more when I don’t need to buy the arcanes.

Then the only thing left is Zuul’goth.

The fact is, if you’ve played this game for more than about six months, there really aren’t reasonable rewards that will excite you.

i THINK the loot drop was bugged, and you were supposed to get only one arcane for the boss, not one arcane X multiplier. Or at least don’t expect it to be that generous next time.

I traited all the troops that were out about two years ago, and it was minor trait stones I was always short of then.

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Runics in other rooms are multiplied, why would this be different?

I’ve heard rumor from the start this arcane was a bug, but haven’t seen a dev comment as such, and it seems like it’d be easy enough for them to have pushed an update if they were upset. I’m filing it under “uncharacteristically generous” and thankful I’m done with one more arcane. :slight_smile:

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@Jonathan: if you do put in a request, I’ll happily support it (if that is possible in any way??)

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@ed209nl This is it (your post)! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s in the ‘Feature Requests and Game feedback’ category, and you’ve said:

I made a note that it was a more balanced distribution of runic traitstones that I’d like, personally, but aside from that, we wait for others to pitch in and Devs to respond :stuck_out_tongue:.

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That’s my stance on the situation as well.

Just to throw fuel on the fire, it is possible that the arcane may be the result of a unplanned early release of a future feature (that didn’t need a client patch, after all the change is just a database field entry issue).

For devil’s advocating purposes, wouldn’t the moving of arcanes to delves be a major incentive to run them for the average player that does not now? I only had a slight amount of time to run the faction event this weekend, and only got up to reward 7 or 8 (out of 16). Still, I landed in the “top 10%”, which would suggest that the bulk of the population are not running delves (at least not over very minimal delve levels). The addition (migration in the future???) of arcanes to delves could be the needed sweetener to encourage mass adoption of delving.

The ones that need them the most can’t actually progress far enough to benefit greatly from this.

Its the same category as the same people that struggle with pet rescues.


You don’t have to “progress” to profit. If you leave The Warrens at level 20, you can farm up to 9 Arcane Light traitstones daily.

Any player that can’t finish a level 20 Delve is too early in the game to be worried about amassing arcane traitstones. They don’t have a soul farming team or even a reliable PvP farming team if they can’t attack a low-level Delve.

It’s not rocket surgery to realize giving up the rewards from a single weekend-long faction event so you can farm 9 arcane traitstones per day is a good trade. The biggest mistake most players make is failing to consider any option other than “go as far as possible every single day”.

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To everyone saying that the rewards are useless, do you not remember when you began playing the game and the mid-game where every traitstone counted? Are you saying the devs should make it even harder for those people?

Let’s be honest about things; us end-gamers had it a lot easier than new players just joining now and yet all the high end of the game is filled with is entitled whining.

Accept that you have a surplus before they make the game harder for everyone by adding in a new gem sink to help us spend traitstones.

Or, alternatively; find another game to play if you’re bored with this one.


What level do you think you are? Cause according to your invite code. You’re more towards the beginning than the “ending” of the game.

Alt account that I made to test the early game. My main account is 1200+ and well over 1000 hours sank into the game.

Why not use your main account code? Was it possibly perma banned from the forums or the game already?
Just curious why someone would make an alt forums account.

Well, am not sure how come all the fuss about delve tbh.

OP said he’s out of low lvl stone and arcane are now useless to him, that happen ONLY cause that delve and/or event?

Cause i kinda recall that happened to me aswell even before delve existed when gone to a traiting spree x kingdoms, just the amount of minor traistones is so much higher that you dont get enough even using explore, they may be more common but you still get only 1 at time when troops then need 70 or so of them.

But overall i would say YES, they are useless x many reasons, first you get only 1 kind and how many there are? let’s say they put a different arcane each faction, you’re gonna keep TONS of factions at low lvl just for them?

Defo i wont, we can get arcanes with glory each week, with the doom weapons now explore is 2 cast in turn 1 95% of time too, defo dont need the stones from delve even tho ofc anything help.

What maybe could use a rework is the forge, it make sense you need more of lesser mats to make a upper grade BUT that’s the first game where i seen you need 2 higher grade mats to make a lower (should be the opposite actually).

Nope, when you make a new account it needs to be verified and linked. That, and I’m way too lazy to switch accounts :rofl:

My point:

OP worried that if Delves give out Arcanes, new players can get them too fast, obsolete them too fast, and suddenly it’s not a reward anymore.

I pointed out that until today, nothing awarded an Arcane anyway, and all of the rewards beneath Arcane are lackluster but people still did Delves religiously.

Getting 1,000 gold wasn’t attractive to me even when I needed Gold. I could get that from some fast explore matches just as easily. Getting a handful of minor traitstones wasn’t attractive either: I needed them but they were easily farmable. This goes all the way up to arcanes, but doesn’t scale with Delve:

When I was a baby, I could farm maybe 4 arcanes/hour depending on luck. With that same troop composition, it might take me 20-30 minutes to complete one run of The Warrens and get 3 Arcanes. With slightly more troops, I think one can farm arcanes faster than one can get them from Delves. So I don’t think this is a bad reward. It’s a unique one.

I want to get to the point where traitstones aren’t a reward. Then I have one less dang thing to worry about! I’ve argued for a long time most event rewards are pretty worthless, but that GoW is such a long-haul game it’s better to focus on “How much did I make today?” rather than “How much can I make per 10 minutes?”. When you look at it that way, every little bit helps.

To me, the value of Delve isn’t the room rewards. It’s the mythic/legendary ingots that I can’t get any other way. I only get those for completing the Delve. Everything else is gravy. I think that’s how new players should approach it too, even though for them the room rewards are a lot more valuable.

I guarantee you even before the Warrens existed, any random player would obsolete Arcane Light far before Legendary Ingots.

ah, the good old security leak allowing to see a player’s full profile knowing only the invite code… :wink:

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