Traitstones from delves becoming useless?


I don’t mess with that crap. Someone else revealed that fun fact to me. 🤷


You don’t technically need their invite code, nor do you need to use the API in all cases.

If the person’s on a leaderboard at all, that’s enough to see their level. In terms of API diving, that’s also enough to get what you need to know their level.

There are also plenty of other ways to get their level: stumble upon them in PvP, see them on a leaderboard, ask a guild member to check the roster, check a gowdb link they posted, etc.


Yes and while they are at it, if a level 1000+ player complete a Boss Room on Delve they should earn 10 Gems x Treasure Multiplier and only players at level 1000+ should be able to craft a weapon that gives us 01 Gem on each cast plus one extra gem for each Upgrade as well as a new game feature allowing these same 1000+ players to spend 10 Treasure Maps to steal 10 gems from a random player who is not level 1000+ yet.

Ahem… Jokes aside, people need to change their perspectives. If you find yourself in a position where Arcanes/Treasure Maps and other currencies are irrelevant that’s actually good. But the game keeps moving ahead and each new player joining it will be quite behind in this race. Any help to them is good even when it doesn’t helps the veterans directly.


Lol… Also keep in mind. That if there’s an opening in a guild then typing someone’s invite code will reveal their “full profile”.
“Security leak” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
@Slypenslyde figured you’d want to know as well.