ROBIN PUDS MERRY MEN....Looking for members.......PS4

Just started the Guild yesterday we have 3 members at the moment,i’m a daily player and was hoping to get a few extra members to help out with building a easy going friendly Guild.No rules just help out if and when you can.I’m not going anywhere unlike a lot of Guilds out there with inactive owners,I know this games as it’s problems but I love playing this game and can’t see that changing any time soon.

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If interested PSN Sir-Waylander your invite code…Thanks for your time enjoy GoW guy’s

I’m right where u are, wanted to start my own guild but then only have 2 other contributing members and no one has joined for a month, got a nice funny name, Team Bezoar, Bezoar is an indigestible mass sometimes found in the human gut, usually a hairball, funny but obscure? Anyways if you get sick of finding new players and want to join another guild that isn’t in the top 100, shoot me your invite code. I believe the benefit in joining a lower ranked active guild will be participating in completing guild tasks early on before they get more pricy as the guild lvl increases/completing tasks forces the cost up. Also it’s nice to be part of an underdog guild that rises up in the ranks. Have gotten probably 15+ keys from guild tasks completed within the last two days, sure other guilds probably get more keys but at what cost? We’re~rank 2100, yesterday we were ranked ~2200.

You’re team could migrate to my team? There’s an idea!

Thanks but no thanks i’m happy where I am 65 Trophies in just over 24 hours and the Guilds ranked 5 already.Plus you can’t have a bigger under dog than Robin Hood lol if i’m grinding then it’s for my own Guild,but I wish you well with your Guild.

I was invited into Santa’s Guild and for the 24 hours I was there yes loads of Iron keys,gold and treasure maps,but i’m just another hamster on the wheel (ok a very very small hamster lol) grinding out trophies (nowhere near the amount the other guy’s were gettting).So I think whats the point great rewards yes but why not work for yourself,at least you feel like your doing something towards building your Guild.
I know one thing it’s bloody hard work trying to find members to join you and here’s me thinking it was hard work building my 100 member Warframe Clan lol,at least there a lot more people read and use the forums.
But i’ll carry on the good fight and with luck someone may join us at some point,well a guy can dream can’t he.Now where’s Little John and Will Scarlet when you need them.

Exactly, who wants to be a freeloader who is serious about this game!? My guild has a place for you waylander63, sounds like we both don’t want to give up our own control though. If you get tired of playing daily and not getting anywhere before me shoot me your invite code. team Bezoar 4lyfe!

As I said before thanks for the offer if I wanted to be in another Guild I would have stopped with Santa’s big gift,so i’ll stop in Robin Puds Merry Men and climb the ranks very very very slowly lol.But there’s no rush don’t plan on taking over the World just yet.Oh and it’s nothing to do with giving up control more like i’ve started so i’ll like to see where this Guild will go,even with very few members.

The Guild now as 5 members and we are closing in on are first mile stone 100 Trophies ok probably not great news but most of the other players don’t play much PvP,but they are helping out with the Tasks which is a great help towards building the Guild.

We now have 8 members and we are slowly getting those Tasks done plus climbing up the Leader Board,never going to take over the World but it’s fun seeing us grow.PSN Sir-Waylander if your interested in a easy going no rules kind of Guild