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Robin Puds Merry Men Rank 155 If you look good in green tights and are up for a laugh then join the Puds

Well after having a break from Gems for a few months I found my very first Guild on Guild search last Friday,Robin Puds Merry Men I loved that Guild and always missed it but when my Mom died I lost all interest in playing,so I passed it on to my 2nd in command.
I’ve tried to keep an eye out for it over the last couple of years but I didn’t think it was going to be this bad,with my 2 characters there’s only 7 members and their not that active.The Guild is Ranked 170 so I think it’s worth trying to rebuild,I messaged the old Guild Leader who had not played in 62 days still waiting for a reply,but with the help from Cyrup I was given the Guild Leadership today.

So I’m looking for any level player just starting out or needing a break from top Guilds,willing to join me and help make the Puds great again.

The Requirements are just be active get those Guild Seals and help out with Trophies,gold is up to each person,and Guild Events are worth doing for the Orbs.But any help would be great I thank you for taking the time to read this long post.PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in helping me rebuild.

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Also willing to take in a smaller Guild or Guilds I have lots of room lol who would like to jump up the rankings,I just don’t want to see this once good Guild just die.

PSN Sir-Waylander if anyone is interested

I’m interested, just got into the game, learning what I can from vids and posts. Daily active, was the only one getting all seals in my beginner guild so figured it’s time to find something a little more serious. Working on leveling kingdoms now.


Will try and join your guild Monday… 1300 player

Thanks fromtheshadows I see you have already found us any help would be great.

Javeman i’m having trouble trying to invite you Javman84_K44S it says does not exist.
Try Guild search see if Robin Puds shows up it did for fromtheshadows

Guild up date we have 4 places to fill after I kicked the freeloaders out.
Guild is now Ranked 161 from starting at 170 a couple of weeks ago.
All Task were finished this week
Closing in on 40k Guild Seals
Just finishing Stage 9 of Tower of Doom ranked 54
There’s 10 Level 1000 players here.
Reqs 10k gold if working on Kingdoms,1000+ Guild seals,50+ trophies,try all Events but MUST do Guild Wars.

PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.

Hi looking for a new guild last one was dead and they kicked me this week probably because my level was too high as i had done the most in the guild this week level 1100

Hi your welcome to join us if you could send your invite code to PSN Sir-Waylander i’ll get a invite sent out,or look on search guilds we seem to pop up on the first or second go.

Yet again someone posts here saying they want to join and they never do which is fine I only want active friendly people who we can have a laugh with.
Guild up date we our now ranked 155 started out 170 25 days ago.
There’s 11 1000+ players helping the newer members.
Working on the last 2 Tasks for the week.
Guild reqs 10,000 gold if levelling kingdoms…1000+ seals…50+ trophies…Try all Events and Guild Wars is a must.
PSN Sir-Waylander if you look good in green tights