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Robin Puds Merry Men looking for new members on PS4

Just a quick Guild update for Robin Puds Merry Men we have 21 members at the minute,the Guild Level is 33.The Guilds ranked 624 as of the 10th of May with 3,631 trophies and a 69% gold bonus every day.All ranks welcome to join I don’t have any rules and don’t ask for anything from the members,but any help with tasks is always welcome.If interested PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code,there’s 9 places left to fill so if any Guild would like to join forces with us i’m happy to give the Guild owner a 2nd in command rank.

Do you still have any open spots? I’m a new low level player but wanting to learn.

Your more than welcome to join I just need your invite code press Options in game and your codes at the bottom.You can post it here or PSN Sir-Waylander and i’ll get you an invite sent out.

A quick Guild update we are ranked 449 with a 89% gold bonus the Guild is Level 36 with 22 members.There’s still 8 places open we don’t care how many trophies you get every week all we ask is help out with Tasks as and when you can,it’s a Guild with NO rules only enjoy the game.

Invite code is


Yet again another problem with the invite code BRANT_MASG comes back as BRA****ASG,can’t this game give you invite codes that bloody work sorry getting to be a piss take now,the last two people wanting to join had the same problem.

Ok, I was able to get some help and received a new code.


Invite sent welcome to the Guild

Hi do you have space im looking for a guild to join im already in a guild but there is only two of us we play almost everyday

Hi yes we still have room in the Guild if you could send your invite codes to PSN Sir-Waylander i’ll get your invites sent out.

Not done a Guild update for a little while as my Mum died on the 3rd of June,the guy’s in the Guild did a great job of keeping everything ticking over whilst I was away.
We are Guild level 43 with 23 members,also Champion rank with 100% daily gold bonus.The Guild is now ranked 323 with 7,562 trophies.
Again a big thank you to everyone for looking after the Guild

Thank you but i have joined moshi monster appreciate the offer though

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well you did message me about a invite lol no worries enjoy your new guild

Hi waylander63,

I was perusing the old posts, skulking around looking for new guild members when I came across your post. It bothers me that no condolences have yet to be offered, so I would like to say that I’m truly sorry to hear about the death of your mother. I hope you’ve been surrounded my love and support during this difficult time :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your kind words Jayren not sure what love is any more and surrounded by love and support sorry no just little old me and my dog Millie.

Hey been playing quite a bit lately and want to join a guild if any spots are open
Code: COOP_7Y7V

Well Coop I tried to invite you but it looks like your already in a Guild so I can’t invite you until you leave,I don’t check the forums everyday so the quickest way to join is sending me a PSN message to Sir-Waylander.
The Guilds had a couple of new members this week so at the moment we have 23 members ranked around 311 I think.

Guild update as of the 1st of August 2016 i’m now back playing most days after the death of my Mum two months ago.We have 24 members but a few non active will probably be removed when we get closer to 30 members,as a Guild we are ranked 310 with 100% gold bonus a day and a Guild level of 45.
Just one pet hate I have a couple of times people have posted here asking to join but once I log on they have joined someone else,it’s a free world do or go wherever you want,but if you ask to join us please give me a chance to get a bloody invite sent out lol.Case in point Coop tried to invite but already in a Guild and can’t take a second to let me know.
This Guild is active but we ask nothing from you just help out when and if you can,this week 3 new members have joined us.

PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code if you would like to be part of the Puds.


The Guild update we now have a 40 day inactive rule setup but if anyone is going to be away for a while then message me and your place is safe.
At the moment the Guild is ranked 236 with 21 members with the Guild level 51…

Anyone wanting to join us please send Playstation message to PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code,and i’ll get an invite sent out to you.