I'm looking new guild

Ps4 daily player need active guild to join.My guild at the moment is around rank 435 we lost a lot of players after update dont know why and the rest play weekly. Looking a higher ranked guild to join if any want me post below

Misguided Misfits #7 will take you if a 100 trophy per week minimum is ok with you.

I average around 40 trophies a week never thought to do more and i see your guild has maxxed out its members so i dont think you would want me and im only lvl 63

Hi your welcome to join Robin Puds Merry Men there’s no rules just enjoy the game and help out when you can,there’s 13 members at the minute and you will get a 30% gold bonus per day,If your interested PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code and i’ll get you an invite sent out.

Journeymen #210. Send your invitation code