"Rising Shadows" worked twice in a row

I just saw a curious thing: my Sorcerer with “Rising Shadows” stroke a troop with Rope Dart – weak enough to be killed with one strike, – and 2 troops below it died too! Never saw it before, the probability of it is 0,07 * 0,07 = 0,0049, or 0,49%.


seen it few times with skeleton key:
SK killed 1st and 4th troop, and rising shadows killed 2nd and 3rd troop, so it may happen :smile:

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I once faced a four Drake Rider team in PvP. Skeleton Key killed two Riders, Rising Shadows killed the other 2 and a Drake. I haven’t yet got all 8 in one shot yet, but I don’t see that team around anymore.

I miss Brown snotstone hunting helpers in days of olde.

One of our Raiders killed Wrath yesterday, and the Shadows rised to claim the lives of Leprechaun and Zuul’goth.

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