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Rewards are not correct in treasure hunt

Almost never do I get a gem key from a created vault. Likewise red chests only seldom give glory keys. Am I missing something here ? The only reason for this behaviour I can think of are either it’s just wrong or the rewards displayed on the right are only possible rewards and not actual contents of vaults etc… Please enlighten. In the case of possible rewards, I’ve got to say that the rewards for creating vaults is just not worth it.

Yes, they’re only the possibilities IIRC. Haven’t done Treasure Hunts in forever, but there you go.

The last vault I created in treasure hunt actually gave me gem keys, it’s just rare

Seems you’ve just been unlucky. I’ve seen all the different reward types.

Of course TH is hardly worth the time spent on it as the rewards don’t scale. Good for Glory, not much else.

The rewards in Treasure Hunt are pretty much determined by the RNG, so you’re left hoping that you get what it is you actually want as a reward for your efforts. That, and the music, are probably my least favorite aspects of Treasure Hunt.

I would disagree with you on rewards not being worth vault creation, however. Multi-vaulting Treasure Hunt consistently may change your opinion.

Oh, and I probably got your RNG for vaults dropping Gem Keys this past week, as I received 200 total Gem Keys from vaults thus far.

But, if it makes you feel any better, I received nothing exciting upon using half of them. :grinning:

Hehehe, thanks for chiming in. So my suspicion has been confirmed. It just seems, the way the page’s layout is and that, that you would actually get what is drawn on the right for creating a vault. Oh well, I actually enjoy playing Treasure hunt sometimes as at it’s simplest, it’s a nice match-three with lots of sequential matches.