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Treasure Hunt Not Getting Keys

I am not getting any keys in the treasure hunt even though I have a red chest or vault. Is anybody else seeing this? The rewards table listservice keys under each of these chests.

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you have a chance of getting one of the items listed, not all of the items listed.

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Well that makes more sense. Thanks!!

I’m really not certain whether I’m imagining things, but over the last few days I had the feeling I was getting fewer keys than before (I AM certainly getting some). Maybe they rebalanced it? Or it may be just coincidence.

After I posted this I finally got one key after about 20 treasure hunts. Who know, haha. :grinning:

Rng is a horrible person.

I’ve not received a single key from a red chest in all the treasure maps I’ve played. It’s not just you.

Wow.!! Glad to hear I am not the only one, sorry to hear you have not received any. :confused: