Treasure Map Reward Drop Rates

I was wondering about the Treasure Map and the rewards it gives. Does anyone know at what percentage do different types of chests give?

Example: I know the coins give a 100% gold drop, but what about vaults? Are they split evenly between all rewards (20% chance each for the corresponding reward) or weighted more towards lesser rewards? (i.e. 50% chance of gold, 30% chance of glory… etc, to 10% chance of gem key)

I’d love to know so that I can decide if its better to focus on one type of chest instead of going all out and trying to get as many vaults as possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not split that way. You can get glory starting with the pouches, souls starting wth brown chests and so on, up to glory keys.
You can find all info in the link below, but note that this is not fully up to date for 1.0.8. Where you see iron keys you should read gold keys, and magic keys are now glory keys.

Actually they offer glory and gem keys. And to answer OPs question, in my experience they do seem like close to even chances, but I’ve never tried to keep track - the rewards are listed so fast, and there is no way to pause or slow down, or even get a full list at the end that stays put… So approximately even chances are my best guess, but I’m not sure about it.

Having done a few hundred treasure maps, I am pretty sure about it: the vaults have an even % chance of giving you anything from gold to a gem key, and any reward in between. If gold, they give more than a lower-level chest, but that’s not what you really want. When the treasure map mini-game first came out, there was a school of thought that vaults were best avoided if possible, since you could consistently get better rewards from three or four red chests than one vault. If you have a particularly good game and get a slew of red chests, then one or two vaults can’t really be avoided, but that has rarely happened to me. Collecting actual gems to buy a set of gem keys is a better % reward than hoping to get one gem key from a vault at 20% odds.

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Thanks for the answer! I had a hunch that the chance of receiving any given reward per chest was split evenly.
So seeing as it’s easier to get more red chests than vaults, therefore using gems to buy more gem keys, I now have a new strategy :wink: