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Revisit the point system for Seals - especially regards to new folks

When I started my first character - there wasn’t anything in the way of seals.

When seals came out I had already finished most of my kingdom quests, spending most of my my time with PVP…and Explore/soul grind…

However, since I started this second character I’ve noticed that there are some things now that really impact the new players in ways that make it harder to get seals at the same rate the more advance character. I’ve been extra lucky that my Guild Family has three guilds within the group so my new character has had some perks I didn’t have in the beginning with my other account.

But I have noticed some things on the downside.

EVENTS - Explore mode may not be available for them to find the ‘Type’ for that week

Seal points for battle in quests are less than PVP (but they have to do the Quest to get some of the goodies)

There are no points for :
Finishing Quest
Finishing set of Challenges
Getting Kingdom to 10th level

Just some ideas how to reward those new folks who are still doing quests, challenges and leveling their kingdoms


They already should have some lenience from their guilds or they couldn’t level Kingdoms. Trust me, I leveled them while keeping the minimum gold required. It took me ages.
They can explore their kingdoms as soon as they finish quests - and what are they doing if they don’t finish at least some quests? Also there’s PVP and Arena.
And of course Treasure. It’s quite important at the beginning.

That wasn’t my point of the Feature request. I am very aware of what they can do (am I am doing with my alt account)

I just know my two accounts - I get 1500 easily since I don’t spend any time (other than new Kingdom week) doing quests… Where a new person as they are working on their kingdoms - ARE doing quests

Explore mode gets less seals than PVP/GW. (You get 10 seals 5 for PVP/GW + 5 for Winning)

Quests are were most of newbies hang out - and it’s the same value as Explore. I think since quests are important that newbies don’t have to choose between doing Quests or PVP to get seals.

My experience was different. I bought my Kingdoms and did my Quests before joining a Guild, then I had to level the Kingdoms while getting Gold and Seals as required; so I couldn’t see your point.

You do get 11 seals in a Explore battle at highest level, but it’s quite out of question for a newbie.

But you get 30 seals for a good run in Arena - for a newbie it’s Dawnbringer-free, also educational.

IMO this is one that needs serious rebalancing.

As a low level player, you’ve no chance of winning one of these.

As an experienced player, there’s no point in playing this because you can bash out two or three Explore battles a minute at Normal (or even higher difficulty), giving you way more Seals and benefits than spending five minutes or more grinding out a victory at Warlord IV.