Anyone else get triple victory points for winning a match this week?

I’m assuming this was a glitch. I finished a match back when the servers were crashing and after it reconnected and went to the victory screen it gave me 174 victory points for the one battle. I assumed I was seeing things, but when I hit Rank 1 after only 19 battles I realized it must have been real. I always pick the battle that gives the most glory, so it usually takes me 30-35 battles to get to Rank 1.

One of my battles showed that I earned 58 points, which is 1/3 of 174, so I’m thinking that when I kept trying to reconnect after losing my connection it recalculated it and added it again? It hasn’t happened since then, that I’ve noticed, but I wondered if anyone else saw it happen to them, or if I’m the only lucky one.

Either way, the developers might want to look into it.

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Didn’t see it myself, but a fellow guild member reported going up 5 PvP tiers from 3 battles on Monday.

Didn’t happen to me but other’s were reporting the same thing happening to them so I’m guessing the devs know about it :slight_smile:

For exactly one match this week, I gained 105 PvP points. Everything else has been in line with normal. It happened somewhere in the middle of the servers playing hookey, so I assumed it was related.

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Yeah I got to tier 1 this week, and only got less than 500 seals to show for it. Definitely got some extra points.

I jumped ranks and didn’t get seals for it

I suggest submitting a support ticket. The support team is quite friendly about compensating for rewards lost to in-game glitches.

I’ll have my seals completed tomorrow anyway. I put a ticket in and they didn’t respond after I laid a laundry list on them.

Fair enough! There’s always next week, then.

I experienced the same on Monday. Statistics showed 11 wins and over 2200 points, an average of over 150 points for each win when the starting points are subtracted.

My last game during this glitchy period gave me 400-ish points, taking me from over 1800 to over 2200 points in one go. And I did have to press the “retry” button many times on that one before the win got through.

However, even though the stats showed I had only 11 wins, the Seal tab gave me seals for 13 pvp wins. I only got seals for 9 pvp leveling ups though, probably due to getting 2 levels on one win a few times.

Yeah I gained a bit over 100 points in one of the first few matches this week, thought it was pretty odd.

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Sometimes I have an unreliable internet connection and very occasionally this causes a double counting of victory points in PvP (less than once a month and certainly not every time my connection drops). I’ve never had a triple counting before, but I suspect the interrupted connection at either client or server end causes the accidental double (or triple) awarding.

This behavior has actually been around for a very long time. I’m not sure we should be discussing it here, I suspect it can be exploited to climb PvP ranks very quickly.

By not discussing it, maybe it could stop a rotten egg or two from exploiting it to get into the top 100 list?

For most of us though, it isn’t much of an exploit in my opinion. Yeah, I did rank up to rank level 1 maybe a day earlier than normal, earning a few extra glory the next day. However I missed about 75 seals due to ranking up two levels in one match 5 times (or so). And supposedly I also missed the other keys and stuff for the 5 missed levels.

I’ve played GoW for over two months, and had never heard or experienced this before. I would rather have known about it earlier. Next time (if) I experience this, I can stop playing. However new people who are unaware will probably start discussing it again next time it happens anyway, if it is kept “hidden”.

I think it is better to discuss it, than that say half of us know about it, and the other half not. It’s out there anyway for people who looks for exploits.

Since it evidently has “been around for a very long time”, maybe it is time to fix it?

What if there were a very simple way everybody could trigger this behavior any time they wanted? Wouldn’t that possibly encourage a lot of players to start using it? Just in theory, of course.

It would encourage me to stop playing GoW immediately!

(And I would have regretted supporting any kind of company with money if they had allowed that kind of bug to “be around for a very long time”)

That sounds like you might be surprised knowing how many bugs any reasonably complex coding contains, even after a very long time. As far as I can tell the devs here are exceptionally responsive when it gets to fixing bugs. They just need to prioritize things, fixing the issues with the highest impact first. Which might rather be server migration or database stability instead of closing a mostly unknown exploit. I’m sure they are looking into this, just give them a bit of time. If there really is a way to exploit scoring on a large scale, pushing the priority by somebody going full disclosure isn’t going to be helpful.

Listen, are you saying that there is indeed a bug that makes anyone easily exploit scoring on a large scale, and that it has existed for a very long time?

If it is, I would like to know.

If not, than please stop introducing a straw man argument into the discussion!


I got double points after my first battle when I was playing on mobile and was continually getting the “Lost server connection, Try Again” message and I kept trying, so I immediately opened a ticket. I also jumped to PvP1 after 5! battles on Monday and updated my ticket. Like others said and I thought the devs had either alluded to or mentioned in the Server thread, the continuous opening of “packets” to the database and all the retries was probably sending the battle result information multiple times.

They just now got to my ticket and lowered my rank by 1 so I’d get the missing rank rewards, not sure about the missing Seals from jumping PvP ranks and missing out on those rewards and having them count towards the guild total.