Restore The Original Music

I don’t mean to replace the current music that tends to be tailored for certain kingdoms and game modes. I miss that cheery go-get’em battle music and thought it would be fitting for that classic tune to be Broken Spire’s theme song since that’s where every new player begins. And when the player decides to choose a new home kingdom, then that tune extends to that kingdom as well until that player chooses another home kingdom.

It just would be nice to hear that classic tune whenever I battle in Broken Spire or in my home kingdom of choice. Just a simple request.

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As I understand it, the devs no longer have the rights to that music and it would be financially prohibitive to try to get it back.


That’s sad. Well so much for the request.

Thanks for the info.

@RiverSong You know, it just occurred to me: Could it be possible for them, the owner(s) of the song, to offer it at the Shop? I’d buy it in a heartbeat. They get their share and so would the devs. Real win-win-win all around.

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