More Music? or Music for Each Kingdom?

Hey all. So, been playing this game for a while now and noticed there is only 1 music track and nothing else. Though the main title theme track is great, still gets kinda old. So I mute it now. What if there was a music track for each kingdom? I know many mute music in games. Many don’t especially if the music is good enough and fits. But, I really believe this game will do just as good if not better with a different music track for each kingdom or at least for each kind of kingdom. For example, the same or similar track can be played for Whitehlm and Divinion Fields. Anyways, I have decided to start on making some music tracks for each kingdom. Seems like a lot of work. But, the beauty of games is that the tracks really don’t need to be any longer than a couple min long and just seamlessly loop the track or similar. I have started with Broken Spire. When finished I will post it and hopefully get your opinion. Yes, the Broken Spire track will be a bit dark. Mainly because of the Broken Spire part. Just seems right then maybe in a seamless loopable way kinda brighten it up a bit towards the end of the track to give a little more hope to broken spire? Also, most will not be orchestral in nature. Some orchestral elements will be in but mostly electronic. I am a sound designer so most if not all sounds that make up the track will be designed by me. And yes, this will also be a sort of sneaky self promotion. But, giving back at the same time. Anyways, starting to babble lol. What do you all think?


Yes please! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :+1:

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This would be great when they did that nightmare before Christmas music for Christmas it was great

So here is the Broken Spire track. I know this may not be for everyone. My thing is chill ambient like stuff. I have dug deep on a couple old hard drives and found a few old tracks you all may like. Some are more upbeat. Some of those actually have beats lol. But, I thought this one fit pretty well for the Broken Spire theme. Not totally finished. A little rough and may add some percussion for extra oomph lol. Forgot to title it rough mix.

Sounds like minecraft soundtrack

So, I have decided to do this with Kontakt. Was going to design my own sounds but after listening to what I shared above for a few games… Didn’t really fit. Besides, should be the same feel and genre as the main title. Kontakt has all that is needed for doing this and quicker than trying to design ones own sounds for a free project. Don’t know what I was thinking. Electronic and that almost pirate like theme of the main title music… Didn’t fit at all lol. The theme\feel will be per kingdom. Like Shentang will have a more Asian feel to it, Broken Spire, more of a feel of hope instead of despair. But, the overall feel should be close to the main title. That is the goal. Will I ever finish this? Maybe maybe not. At least it might inspire the devs or someone with a lot more music knowledge and experience than me to do it justice lol.

Summon the Dragons and Monks! Then rule em all!

So here is a work in progress track for Shentang. Below is the copied description from sound cloud below the link.

Still kinda a work in progress. This is something I made for Gems of War. For the Shentang area of the game. Comments welcome. Recommendations more than welcome. Enjoy.

Note: I purposely made the start a little long and the main part a little shorter than the intro. Easier to loop if needed and just creates slight tension.

So I created this. I had AI help lol. But, changed a few things around etc. Enjoy. Not sure what kingdom this could be played with. But, thought I would share anyways.

I’d love to see how many people actually leave the GoW music/sound on
I’m going to go with about 1%
I don’t know anyone so 1% may be generous

I suspect this is one of those “developers would like to do it but they don’t have the time and resources” situations.

I doubt that. It’s more like a lack of imagination and 0 inspiration from the devs. It’s not a new game and if they do m sure it would be music from another game :joy: