Restore divine ishbaala's clense

it would be nice to restore divine ishbaala’s special ability to what it was that cleanses all allies since that was one of the main draws for her, and with her being a legendary rarity to begin with, it seemed fair all things considered since you could not use her in the arena and it takes a lot of trait stones to fully unlock all traits and with it needing 18 mana to cast it’s not that easy to spam her ability and with more and more troops being added that afflict status effects a cleanser is great;ly needed which is why taking away that one ability seems odd I hope you take this into consideration


put her with divinia

Arena? Traits? You’re losing me, man.


If there was going to be a nerf, it should have only been Uba, not Divine Ish and Infernus. Good thing I just spent 4k diamonds on Uba…


If it’s only Cleanse you are looking for, couldn’t you just switch to Herdmaster? Uses the same colors and costs a lot less mana.

Yeah but if you use divine protector, you better use 4 divines cause if you remove 1 divine the weapon isin’t very good

your limited to common rare and ultra-rare since divine ishbaala is legendary you can user her in arena I was making a point as to why taking away her clensing ability was unreasonable

I thought about that but the team I have her in is a board control team it has gorgotha divine ishbaala Asha and the world breaker it revolves round exploding and transforming gems while making sure none of my troops fall victim to status effects with the cleanse gone and her third trait down 10% it’s still good for control but weakens the ability to keep the combo going if one gets frozen stunned or webbed with can stop the entire team cold

Cleanse was way more of her identity than enchant, as she was the only double converter able to do it, and it actually synergizes with double converting. Like many double converters, the main thing I would use her for is to set up into chains. Chains that work poorly if you are entangled and not at all if you get frozen. This is the most disappointing part of the nerf for me because I can no longer use her to start a “checkmate” chain if I’m statused. This relegates to using her mostly to just spam divines. Enchant is a really, really poor tool on a troop that removes two colors from the board, by the way, as leaving the board in this state tends to make turns ridiculously swingy with cascades unless you can use a follow up to fully refresh or just end the battle. I’ve never once said “I need enchant, better include Ishbaala in my team” - the enchant will only really come into play if it goes down to a last-hit situation, which is exactly the situation you build teams not to go into.

One could argue that having a cleanse on a double converter period is overpowered, but every time I think this about anything ever they go ahead and add a troop with it anyways within just a few months (most recent offender is “Mass Explode + Mana Shield”). And I don’t think Ishbaala was particularly dominant without (mythic) divines, so it was really puzzling (and surprising) that this particular tool got removed from her kit.


Agree. She got the hardest nerf among 3. Poor girl.

I get why they did this though. It means freeze and entangle become viable tactics against the meta

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Great point!

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Between VOO and divinia, I don’t think it will be a real problem. Divinia is already quite popular and VOO does it on yellow matches.