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RESOLVED: Server down on IOS?

I haven’t been able to log on to the game from my iPhone 6 for the last 20 min or so, game stays on the loading screen, the one time the kingdom actually came up the color circle skull thing showed up for 7 min without going away and I couldn’t interact with anything

Seems to be working for me.

I reset the phone and it just came on

Don’t think so. I’m playing right now and it seems fine.
You might be having a Game Center issue, which happens to me sometimes.
Try opening and closing the Game Center app, then restart the game.
That usually fixed the problem for me (usually).

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Is there a way to delete the thread, I don’t want it to distract people since the error resolved

It also gave me an error mssg too but it’s fixed

Edited the title for you.

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Thanks for that, have a good one