Is the server down?


Just logged out for 5 mins - now when trying to go back to the game it sits at ‘loading hero’ on both iPad Air 2 and pc. Is it me …or servers?


Same here.


Ok - thats a good thing in a way - at least we dont have to contact support…yet :wink::wink:


At the first Moment I thought I am the only one, because here were no fresh Topics to this happening so far :sweat_smile: Good to know we are all in the same boat :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to contact support because there were only two of us …:smile:


Shame that Rhonda my Maw got feeded Dwarfes right before the server got down, was about to make her devour Sirrian, but she aint hungry… :sweat:


I’m in fine. Probably just a little hiccup b/c of the influx of users with the start of a new week. Seen a lot of Valors and Shadow Dragons dropping and ascending in chat.


You are just showing off @Studs - I really need to get back in there to spend spend spend my glory mountain …and duff up @Eika 's Maw…(Rhonda hehe…love it) :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Rhonda won’t devour you as long as you have your dog at your side, she is afraid of dogs. So you are very much safe.


I get stuck at Loading Hero on Steam and Mobile…


I can’t play to… steam/windows version.
a friend say that all works on android version
the screen still “Loading Hero”
@Sirrian help plz


I’ve been in and out a few times this morning with no issues.


On iPhone, had one “Lost connection to server” an hour ago, but other than that, have been on since 11 am EDT.


Same on Mobile and PC. Does not load^^


I’m stuck on loading hero screen. Ugh. Just fully traited great maw and I want to nom nom some more!


Again cant pass the loading screen :confused:


Sakra mě to také nejede :-(( .-))).


I also can’t come into the game. :frowning:


I have been unable to login for hours. Stuck on Loading Hero with Iphone 6. Rebooted and there are no updates pending either. Bummer