(Resolved: not a bug) Infinite Mana for Wall decks in PVP

Platform, device version and operating system:
Nintendo Switch
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I will edit this to add a link to a Switch video if I can catch it again.
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

My apologies. I’m old. I misread the Spell and did not realize that it grants mana. A Moderator may delete this post if they wish.

Old Post:
I was playing in PVP and some times I would fight a wall deck, consisting of a combination of Dwarven Gates and Walls of Bones. I expected the enemy deck to need to earn their mana in order to perform their moves. However, I kept running into decks that would be able to perform a spell on every single turn, without making a move to gain mana, and without any troop/player/class/weapon traits to explain how they were generating this mana. I would have to use every one of my turns strategically to build up my own spells, knock out their barriers, and try to make one of my spells hit before they could re-apply their barrier effects in the next turn. They could do their spell every single turn until I managed to strike a hit on one of their troop cards, and that would temporarily cancel the spell loop. But, as soon as they had enough mana to cast one more spell, the infinite mana/casting loop would re-start.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed this happening within the last seven days while I was trying to climb the ranks in PVP. I stopped trying to fight those players so I cannot say if it is ongoing. If I see one of those decks this week, I will try to record the events, including a view of the player’s class and weapon perks and all troop traits.

Steps to make it happen again
It seemed to only apply to decks that used a combination of Dwarven Gate and Wall of Bones troop cards. Beyond that, I cannot say if anything else was common to the situations when it arose.

That’s not a bug, it’s been ages some use x3 dwarven gates and king highforge as pvp def, with the king the gates start at 5/10 and usually is enough one blue match to get the infinite loop started seen at each cast the gates give 5 mana to all other troops (and also barrier all other troops on top of getting armor for themselves).

Quite tanky when you’re new, pretty much useless vs late game players.


Wall of Bones and Dwarven Gates have the spell giving allies +5 mana so its not a glitch

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So does wall of tentacles for that matter.

…which can be useful for Tower Invasion this week!

Thanks for explaining that. I must have missed the Gain Mana line on the spell info.