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Remove dwarven gate loop

Is anyone else tired of pvp players who only use dwarven gates and they get into a constant loop. Once one casts its spell it gives 5 mana which is half of what the others need. Then one more cast and three can get into a constant casting loop. Their attacks are so low that there is just an ingame draw and your only option is to retreat. There are ways around it using certain characters, but sometimes I don’t notice and end up in this stupid loop draw.

Make sure to scout for every battle.
Going into battle without knowing the opponent team is a big risk…

For the dwarven gate teams use a devour team with a Kraken.
Kraken’s 3rd trait removes all the barriers on a 4 or 5 match.


The solution to this issue is a devour team. I highly suggest using a devour team against this loop.

Also, if you remove the loop, that would really screw over lower level players that use the Dwarven Gate Tesla combo to help them win things like Dungeons. And thats not fair to them.


Yep I agree with this statement just because some people don’t like this loop doesn’t mean everyone who does like this loop has to suffer.


Some great suggestions! :smiley:

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Thank you very much

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To beat the Dwarven Wall loop, you can use a few different things:

Burning pops barrier, so every turn at least one wall will be vulnerable to attack if you use a mass burn spell.

Mana Denial: The wall loop requires blue mana specifically; so if you get an orb changer who converts blue to something else, or removes/destroys blue, and keep blue mana from being matched, you can keep the walls from getting started.

Devour: allows you to kill them even if their stats get out of control.

True Damage+shieldpop: Assuming you can pop their barrier, true damage can circumvent their inflating armor values.

Exploders: If you explode the field, the skull damage will pop the barrier, then any cascading skulls will deal damage.

Skull/Doomskull Spawning: If you use a skull spawner of some kind, you can set up a cascade of repeated hits. Barrier will only protect against the first one.

Some of these are more effective than others, but this should be enough different strategies that you should be able to put together a team that can do some of them.

If you don’t like looping, I’ve got some bad news for you about the teams you’re going to face later…

please. please no. don’t change dwarven gates. :scared:

Will never happen. If I am wrong, oh well…