A bit too Overpowered?

Alchemist, Valkyrie, Hellcat
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Just slap an overpowered troop like Khorvash or smth on the frontline and you’re good to go
At least until Khorvash somehow dies

I’ve often (>always) put Khorvash on the frontline and found it works well. Not quite sure if you are saying this is unfair or suggesting this as an idea? :thinking:

Looping combos like that are very reliable, but extremely vulnerable to freeze. Also, they can be quite slow to play now. Similar combos that are more overpowered would be Green Seer, Giant Spider, Kraken, Kraken; or Hellcat, Alchemist, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Rocket (or Gard’s avatar, or any other red/yellow troop).

Overall, I wouldn’t say that it’s a problem for the game. I find the constant looping teams are an effective tool against certain types of teams, but I personally find them too boring to use for long stretches of time.


100% agree with you @Stan you the MAN!


Ye, but I usually get my first spell casted on the first few turns (which gets the loop going) so there’s only a small chance that the defending team would even be able to get a single freeze on any of my troops.
I’ve also tried the teams you’ve mentioned like the Kraken one, but its main ‘overpowered aspect’ (I assume) is the Kraken’s devour, which does have one of the highest chances to activate, but is still up to chance, while Khorvash’s mana drain is a definite hit. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I prefer consistency over sheer power. Another thing is that my current opponents in pvp (at this level) can usually be 1-2 hit by Khorvash, so that helps too. And yea, its kinda boring to use.

A little bit of both maybe

It’s actually the third trait on Kraken, which does 3 damage to everyone on every 4/5 match. With two Krakens on the team, you’re doing 6 damage to everyone every time you loop with the first two troops. Add in the skull damage you do off random cascades and you literally never have to give the turn back to the AI once you start looping. In the event that you get stuck with an unworkable board, you cast Kraken to do damage to two troops, possibility to devour one and the blue gems that you spawn have a good chance to refill Giant Spider and maybe give you another 4 match to keep the loop going.

I agree with that, but every time that you give the AI a turn, there is a chance that something lucky will drop in for them and give them an unexpected 4-match. Once one of your looping troops are frozen, you can be completely stuck. I play to win every single match, so I don’t use looping teams when I have to face Queen Mab. Other freezers like Borealis don’t worry me since I know they’ll never be able to fill before I take control permanently.

Ah, I see. Will be sure to scout for freezers more often then.
Also, do you think the trifecta I mentioned is the best/most consistent in looping? Or is the another three troop combo that loops better/more consistently? I’ve tried Tacet’s [Mercy, Infernal King, and Sheggra], but I haven’t gotten as much success as with the above mentioned trifecta so yea. I’d also appreciate a Gloom Leaf team suggestion from you while you’re here, since I just got him to mythic. (first one in fact)

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For me, the best looping combos are built around two loopers and two support troops/finishers. In your example, I see Valkyrie as an ‘extra’ that isn’t necessary for the core loop. Specifically, if you’re casting Valkyrie, it is going to flood the board with blue, which is something that neither of your other loopers use. That means it is going to lead to you turning the board over to the AI. In your case, you’ll be doing that after you cast Khorvash, so that probably isn’t the worst result, especially if you have one of the other loopers full already.

Still, if I’m going with a looping team, my intent is to never turn control over to the AI once I start looping. My approach is to always use a combination that will wear down the opponent without relinquishing control. The Kraken team does that with the tentacles trait, a Gard team can do that by looping until he has enough armor to wipe the opponent with one cast, Desdaemona can do that against Daemon teams since she gets another turn when she casts against Daemons, Goblin Rocket gets another turn when he casts, etc.

Congrats on getting Gloomleaf to Mythic. I hadn’t used him much for a while, but if you have him fully-traited (or at least having Impervious), he can be quite effective in a couple roles. With Impervious, he can be a good back-row troop to prevent Kraken devours and you can use him to gradually weaken the opponent team. Or you can use him up front against teams that use traits that trigger on skull damage (like Lion Prince or Bone Dragon). The only team I currently use him with is one suggested by @KrudlerTheHorse (Gloomleaf, Sekhma, Snowy Owl, Queen Mab/Plague) to use against Forest Troll/Kraken/Mab teams. It takes a little bit of thought to use, but is pretty effective and turns that team’s strengths against them. You pretty-much need all of the troops fully-traited for this to work though. If Gloomleaf is traited, you could put him in front of IK/Mercy/Sheggra and you’d never be stopped by freeze/entangle teams (though Gloomleaf blocks Mercy and Sheggra a bit).

I don’t have Sekhma, so I guess I’ll be trying your second suggested team then.
Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:

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No problem! The thing I’m really using the IK/Mercy/Sheggra team for is hard-countering certain types of teams. For example, if you have a fully-traited Bunni’Nog, put it in front of that team and use it against Knights. Same thing with Dragon-Cruncher against Dragon Teams, or Desdaemona against Daemon teams. When you’re doing 2x, 3x or 5x skull damage with that team, it absolutely shreds them, but you need those hard-counter troops fully-traited for that to work in most cases.

If you want a cheap all-purpose version, a low-mana impervious troop like Dwarven Miner or Manticore can be really useful there (making sure that skulls are always working for you, not against you).

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You’re telling a newbie all our elite secrets lol.

One should also tell him that RNGesus is actively against looping, unless it’s looping for the AI.

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