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(Resolved) Doomed Blade showing wrong spell

Platform, device version
PC Mobile IPhone IOS 12.1

What happened
Doomed Blade showing wrong spell

How often
Happened twice. 1st time, closed/reopened game & fixed

Steps happen again
Start Tower of Doom Boss Room Floor 27 or 28 after playing any battle or editing team

image image

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Take advantage, it’s like an instant win with all both of those attack points you stand to gain! :joy:

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I’ve followed up with you on a private message, to keep things simple let’s continue conversation there :ok_hand:

I will leave this open in-case anyone else experiences the issue. If you do, and you’re not Bernice, please let us know:

  1. What game-mode did you play before Tower of Doom?
  2. What floor did this occur on?
  3. How long was Gems open beforehand?
  4. Does the Doomed Blade cast a Spell or the image showing in the Weapon’s picture (e.g. the Dhrak-Zum weapon here).
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