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Rescale Seals for Perfect Arena Run

The seal scaling for Arena is far off from more viable options like PvP and treasure maps.

Arena gives 30 seals ONLY if the player gets 0 loses. That means all 8 battles must be a win. 8 PvP wins, even if they are not consecutive, gives 32 seals. I feel like a perfect Arena run should be scaled up to at least 40 seals, maybe even 50 seals due to the 0 lose requirement.

Another option could be to add a 20 seal task for completing arena with 6+ wins while also keeping the +30 for a perfect 8 win run. That way a lose will still give seals and a perfect run would be scaled better with a 50 seal total.


I agree with the 50 seals due to the 0 lose requirement. :slight_smile:

Is 0 losses hard? I don’t play Arena that much, but I feel like after I got through the very early game I stopped losing them. I assume the “5 per win regardless” was the compromise, since you get 80 total for each run: (8*5=40) + 40 = 80. That’s technically 8 more than you’d get for 8 PvP battles. Assuming you lose battle one in 5 runs, you’d still come out even vs PvP.

That’s exactly 2 less than PvP. And that isn’t even factoring in the ladder and that PvP allows loses.

8 wins (40) + a perfect arena run (30) = 70
8 wins (40) + 8 PvP wins (32) = 72

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99% sure you can lose 1 game, and still get the seals.

Is it? I haven’t played Arena since the new patch. Regardless, Arena gives 2 less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still has to be a perfect run. I’m facing stronger opponents now but still get the same crappy cards. :worried:

I confirm you can have one loss.

I 100% confirm that’s not the case, sorry. From experience. I do play Arena exclusively, and I’ve played dozens of runs since the patch. EDIT: I’m also super tired and 100% incorrect, apparently (or was it 99%? ^^). It seems that 8-1 still counts the same as 8-0. So it’s just if you take 2 losses that you get no Seal. My bad.

Also, I’d like to add that this “Perfect Arena Run” requirement comes up right when the Arena is more RNG-based than ever before. There are so many troops and weapons these days that can completely win or lose you the game in one or two (un)lucky rolls… It’s impossible to get 8-0, or even just 8 wins consistently nowadays. It used to be the case a few patches ago, but now it’s come to the point that I actually get crushed by the AI in one run out of 5 or 6 maybe (by this I mean I end up at 2-2 or 3-2, never mind 8-1). Even @Archenassa gets losses regularly.

You can be a great Arena player, make a very solid draft, play your best every single turn, and still get obliterated by things like, say… an unfortunate timing (for you) on ONE SHOT from the opponent’s: Spirit Fox, Dragon Fire, Creeping Death, Succubus, Dragonette, Astral Spirit, Lion Prince, Spark Rocket, the ever-boring Imperial Jewel… to name but a few of the frequent offenders. That’s on top of the usual permanent threat of dying to a truckload of 4 or 5 matches coming from the sky with a shower of skulls out of nowhere. And, you know, just plain bad luck. My Hag might buff my Ogre’s Magic (aka null) while applying useless crap like Stun or Disease to her target, while the opponent’s Hag might buff his top troop’s Attack and Burn or DeathMark my MVP (and the AI’s DeathMark tends to proc immediately, contrary to a human player’s DeathMark ^^). Anything goes, really. There’s absolutely no guarantee that any given Arena game won’t go sour at any point, these days.(*)

So yeah, it might be a tidbit unfair to us Arena players that we get no Seal at all if we take even 1 loss throughout a run. EDIT: if we don’t reach 8 wins. Going 8-1 nowadays is harder than going 8-0 used to be.

(*) Yeah, I’ve been having a bit of a bad run lately… What gave it away?! =)

It should definitely pay out the seals for 8-1, because that allows me to do what I always do, and start an arena run before I forget to lower the difficulty from Warlord III-IV.

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[quote=“LegendMaker, post:10, topic:12646, full:true”]
My Hag[/quote]

There’s your problem. You NEVER take Hag or any other Troop that isn’t a tank, damage dealer or a healer like Priestess for Arena.

Hag in Arena…

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How do you figure?

8 PvP wins is 8*4=32
8 Arena wins is 40

On top of that, you get 5*8=40 for either. Thus Arena gives 8 more Seals for the same number of battles.

A perfect arena run is 30 seals, not 40. Both give 40 from 8 battles, but PvP’s is 2 higher as 32 (8*4) is 2 more than 30.

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You get guaranteed Souls and Glory Keys from Arena, there’s your reconciliation.


Ohhh, you’re totally right. I guess 40 for perfect arena was wishful thinking. They should think about buffing arena payouts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have to agree, to tempt me into doing an arena again the reward needs to either be changed to simply winning the arena (8 wins, 0, 1 or 2 losses) or at least scale with the number of losses.

For instance:
8 wins with:
0 loss = 50 seals
1 loss = 40 seals
Arena loss offers no extra seals.

This would entice me to try it.

Edited to correct number of losses allowed.

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I don’t understand what you are trying to say here TP.

It is impossible to have both 8 wins and 2 loses.

That is why I initially proposed 20 seals for 6+ Arena run and an additional 30 for perfect 8.

Its been a while for me, I thought it took 3 losses to get eliminated… oh well, I will edit my initial, thank you for correcting me…:slight_smile:

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