Request: Soulforge -> Hide known/crafted

This is mainly for the troops & weapons.

Having to scroll through a random mess of things you have and don’t have, and trying to spot the ones you are actually missing (regardless of if you can craft them or not) is a real pain :frowning:

It would be so fantastic to have a simple toggle option to be able to hide the ones you already have crafted/owned so you can see whatever is left that you are missing.

Pretty please, with gems on top!


Alternatively, the weapons section does distinctly move the unowned ones to the top of the list. I assume this would help for troops.

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Craftable ones you have materials for, yes.

Unfortunately there have been times when I didn’t have the resources where things ended up in a random mess.

Besides, visually it makes it a lot cleaner & simpler if you can filter away the known/crafted stuff.
Less visual clutter / visual overload = good.

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I think as long as the toggle can’t be permanently on or off and you have to interact with it actively, like how the troop filter currently works between owned/unowned. It might be a rare case but it would stink to somehow miss seeing a mythic you own already, but still want to craft another one (like Ironhawk for example)

I wish they would put the most often crafted stuff at the top of each section. Like GAP’s.

They need to add some extra tabs instead of just putting everything new in Other.


Prior to ANY of these request, we need more Mythics added to the rotation…


I do agree with this point. It should default to normal view when you open the forge, with toggle being temporary while forge is open and go back to default when you close it.