Please add "What you currently have" to Soulforge view

Right now when you go to the soulforge and click on an item you want to create, you get a lovely display of what you need. Items you have enough of are in green, what you lack is in white. If you click on the white item you get a description. It would be awesome if, right in there, you tell me how much I have of this ingredient. At the moment, I have to leave this view and, many clicks later, find my inventory and scroll to get that answer.


+1 to that

“How many am I missing?” is the first question that comes to mind when I see I don’t have enough.

Other times, I want to go check how many I have even if I have enough, because I might want to keep some amount of the resource on hand instead of spending it all while crafting.


Yes please add this. I hate having to go to my player icon to see whats in my inventory.

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I wonder how many times I’ve done this to check my writ count. Far too many…

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It’s a faff having to exit out of Soulforge, get to the character page, open up Inventory, scroll down to check what I need…