Request: Official Map Images

As a pleasant surprise, @Sirrian dropped in on @Saltypatra’s stream this week.

I suggested releasing images of the game maps, and Sirrian seemed willing! :tada:

I’d like to add a bit more detail, both technical and not.

Ideally, I’d like to see a map of Krystara and one of the Underworld, both with and without the kingdom/faction shields/names in position (ie: a blank version would be useful, in addition to one with the kingdoms shown).

Technically, I would use the renderer that the game already uses to combine all the different elements, freeze the water animation, skip the weather animation (or freeze it), zoom the camera out to infinity, and capture the image at the native resolution of the underlying map graphics (I think it’s 1024x1024, but there may be good reason to go larger, post-rendering).

I hope Sirrian finds the time to really do this, and look forward to seeing it! :smile: