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Love the Delves artwork!

Have anyone asked themselves: What if the artist behind the Delves artwork got to draw/create the Krystara World Map & Underworld? Wouldn’t that be cool? I love the artwork from the delves too much. Simple, old fashioned and trustful(it actually looks like an real old map that can be found.)

Let me know what ya think? :grin:

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Now that you mentioned, it makes some sense if this current map would be provisory, because it doesn’t seems like a professional/finished work at all, while the team works on a new better map.

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I did not made this thread to bash the new world map or underworld tho. But after I have got used to the Delves and their artwork, I thought to share my opinion, of how I prefer that.

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Not much bashing as much as stating the facts (that were discussed at lenght in other threads).

How can i put this? Hmmm…

Well, the old map was changed for reasons we don’t know and can only speculate about, it could be technical reasons as the Underworld was introduced, it could as well just be for the fact the devs don’t have the same artist of the previous map still working with them anymore so as they would need a new map it would be obviously too different.

The thing is, the current map at least uses the same style/elements so it could be a “practical fix” for the time being¹ until they have a better looking and optimized map, that may or may not come from the hands of the artist who made the Delve Maps as you wish.

I think it would offer a more clear vintage looking, something that could be considered.

¹ Developers time = Human years. Players time = Dog years. So an year or more for the devs is not so much as it is for the players.

I just hope the delve artist get a chance with it. So maybe we have an alternate map(s) to choose from in the options.