About the new map

This new map looks pretty neat and I like animations put here and there, but to be honest I am not a fan of colour used to paint green areas. In my opinion the map is too bright and looking at it for a longer period of time is little exhausting for eyes. Especially this area near Whitehelm and Khetar.

Please reconsider some adjustment to colours chosen to paint this map. It is very pretty, but I think some play with hue and saturation would help. Maybe if the grass colour was more like blueish rather than yellowish it would look better. Please, check that :slight_smile:

Also zoom +/- option is VERY needed.


(They like it, but none bother to leave a comment to wind topic up xD)

Imagine how cool it would had been with a black and white color theme for the map.

Also when I compare old map to this new map I must admit older was more interesting to look at, because was more detailed in textures. For example when there were swamp area they painted swamps, and it was cool. This new lacks those details so badly. :C