Request for Clarification: Spam

It’s crazy to me that some people get so bothered by one weekly post.

If anything, the consumer alert picture is useful to me because I know what that post is going to be about and can scroll past it instead of starting to read it (as I have the provided information already).


Agreed they are hard to ignore (which is a positive given the intended purpose), and given that they are potentially helpful to new customers and keep this company having to face their questionable past actions, i am happy to scroll over them and give a ‘Like’ to fourdottwoone for his consistent commitment.

:pray: : although suboptimal as you highlighted, at least allows the post’s main target audience to still potentially benefit from it.
:crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

I suspect people flagging them just see the graphic and flag it as spam without reading it. It hadn’t occurred to me to read any of the alert posts until I read this thread. Not that I’ve been flagging, just ignoring, but some may see the banner and report

So it’s the image that’s bothering you? I’m open for improvements, my painting skills never got much past colored boxes though. :see_no_evil:

They don’t really seem to police anything though, and they never objected to further posts about Weavergate. My impression is that forum maintenance sort of got abandoned when Saltypatra left. At least that would explain why I’m still receiving mail from her, that’s probably just some old automated script reacting to forum flagging, no matter whether warranted or not.

yep, that seems about right; cause i got the flagging from Salty and another one few minutes later from Kafka for the same post.

I’d guess if you swapped to a banner graphic that looked less like a spam email then people would largely stop flagging it

Hey folks,

There must be a setting I didn’t realise was active where automated messages come from Salty’s account, I’ll dig into it as this is the first I’d heard of it. I thought the message either came from the mod’s account who actioned the report or the forum itself. Often these settings on forums are a single checkbox in a massive list of options, so I’ve obviously missed one. Sorry about that.

Regarding this particular post, as you raised it publicly yourself I don’t mind discussing it here if you want this time @Fourdottwoone given the nature of the post in this particular case.

Spamming is basically any of the following:

  • Posting the same message over and over
  • Posting the same or similar message over and over accross multiple topics
  • Posting indiscriminately multiple times off topic/posts that don’t add value to a particular topic
  • Advertising

In the case of this particular post, the problem is the message is always the same except now with the added drop table.

As mentioned in the past, we’re totally fine with you posting the “consumer alert” at this stage and what your thoughts are on that, however, you will need to put it in its own feedback thread. Your posts are being taken down at this point because your post has become so spammy it’s now disrupting the forum and it can’t be left alone any longer.

Regarding the drop tables, it would be better if you posted where you’re getting that information from at the top of the table as well, although that doesn’t constitute spam. As we don’t publish the drop rates of specific Troops I think it is important to mention, as it does dance on a line where it could cause confusion/issues, but that’s not why the post is getting taken down. That’s just some feedback from me.

As a note, this isn’t a popularity contest, the number of likes on a post doesn’t determine whether it is actioned by a mod against the rules.

Also, regarding making a feedback thread for the consumer alert topic, this is actually the most effective way for feedback to be communicated and what the value of it is to other players. When we just have one user spamming the same copy pasted message accross multiple threads but not actually talking about the issue it’s something we can report once, but after that it’s just one dude with something saved in their clipboard - it’s lower value feedback at that point.

I understand the above sounds HARSH, but it’s literally my job to represent the community, I’m here for you folks, so if you’re devaluing your message and making it harder for me to get your point across for you, I think it’s in your best interest to know that you’re making it hard for me to represent you on a certain point and why.

Hopefully you can see where I’m coming from on this, it’s risky for me to be that bluntly honest with you because if it comes back and bites me it will literally make my job twice as hard in future again, which is not just my problem, but everyone’s problem.

Basically, I think there’s this idea that when a mod tells someone to make a thread about something instead of posting about it in other threads or being spammy about it, that maybe we’re just trying to bury it or something (?) but we’re literally doing it because if the topic is relevant, it will be so much easier to highlight if it has a dedicated topic…


This all seems pretty reasonable to me, and I think it’s helpful to shed some light on the topic, thanks

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Well, if we’re being all blunt today, then let me ask a blunt question:

Why didn’t you guys use the past couple of months to fix the problem from happening again in the future (reasonable suggestions can be found on the forums), instead of arguing at length why - much like the myriad of bugs that aren’t bugs or that the CX team cba to even look at anymore - the issue isn’t an issue, only to summon Sirrian (who’s utterly out of touch with the game anyway) to cover for you guys and issue threats of ‘cutting off communication with the community’ (which you guys do at your liberty anyway and which will definitely happen again in three, two, one…)?

Why is it so damn hard for this company to act normal.


I support the consumer alert from @Fourdottwoone. @Kafka should actually warn people that their company can be also not so honest so fourdottwoone do not need to post his alert.


It’s not my intention to provide feedback to Infinity Plus Two, I’m trying to provide guidance for players. The weekly event post doesn’t contain essential things like scoring priorities and campaign tasks, the community adds them each week. I believe event chests fall into the same category, there is no way players could tell on their own what’s really in there. The officially released information has huge gaps and even contradicts itself in some situations, so this requires further explanation.

Well, yes, I didn’t even realize some players might find it problematic. I guess someone might have been flagging it for months, unfortunately the forum software doesn’t tell the flagged poster anything about this or I would have improved the format earlier, it’s supposed to be helpful after all. So you are saying there’s no longer a problem with the drop table added in? I’m asking because it feels like I’m getting some mixed signals here.

Infinity Plus Two publishes drop rates based on rarity levels, accessible from the event chest opening screen. The detailed drill-down is my personal effort, based on what the community observed the past years, plus a bit of data magic thrown in (don’t ask). That’s why my table says “expected”, it’s the best shot to start the week out with, it’s also an entry point for discussion in case the community stumbles over anything unexpected that should be shared.

Loot pools really is something your Game Guides (also accessible through the event chest opening screen) should be more accurate about. Right now they say:

Event Chests are a great way to find a specific Mythic or Legendary Troop you may be missing from your collection.

Which is definitely causing confusion and issues, especially since those Game Guides also specifically point out that mythic exclusivity doesn’t apply to event chests. Players often open a huge amounts of event chests with the sole intent to find one specific kingdom troop they are missing. I’m probably not the only one who had to talk guild members out of quitting after they realized they had burned a year’s worth of effort gambling on something that wasn’t actually there.

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t see it. Gah. Okay, look, I’m really not trying to make your life difficult here, that would be wasting both of our time. You seem to be trying to get some message across, what I hear is mostly static though. It’s not intentional.

Different approach. I believe that having reliable loot box information helps both the players (because they tend to get unhappy when sent on a wild loot chase, especially an expensive one) and Infinity Plus Two (because they don’t have to deal with as many unhappy players). Extrapolated loot box information is the next best thing, along with cautioning to look before leaping, because it also prevents unhappiness. Is this something we agree on?

Apparently it’s okay to post event related information in the weekly event thread. It’s the obvious place where one would expect to find such information, and it seems to be the intended place, going by the thread not getting locked against community posts. What will make a drill-down of the weekly event chest in there not spam, assuming that it’s even considered spam, I’m now thoroughly confused about that part. Is there anything that needs to be added/removed? Personally, I feel there should be some kind of header, plus at least some warning that the official loot information can’t be trusted, because it’s way off. Even after lots of feedback and several still unresolved bug reports pointing out some of the issues.

The event chest this week appears to have high potential for a huge amount of player unhappiness. It’s something players need to be made aware of, while damage can still be mitigated. I’ll adjust my post format some more, hopefully it will be received better. My apologies if I don’t get it perfect right away, I’m trying to react to all feedback that reaches me, it takes a surprising amount of effort.


Wow. was i hallucinating or did a company rep just post something? The current “drop rate” of devs appearing in forums is rarer than a cursed gnome wearing a nysha token.

I don’t support how Gems of War handled the Arachnean Weaver incindent, at all. I think it was really shady, because people sunk thousands of event keys (and gems if they ran out of them) into trying to get that mythic, which happens to be one of the best mythics in the game.

That said, and although I’ve never reported the posts myself, I stopped “Hearting” the Consumer Alerts months ago, because the message had been posted enough already. Several large threads had already been made regarding it. It was just time to move on.

The devs made a programming mistake, and they didn’t address it properly, but it’s done with. It’s over. That was the first time I’d seen something like that happen, and I haven’t seen it since.

So repeatedly seeing the Consumer Alert message was just obnoxious after a while. In fact, I KNEW that whenever I clicked on the thread, looking for Hawx’s helpful posts, I’d have to scroll past a giant Consumer Alerts message first. Annoying.


How about making a header like “expected drop table” or something along that line, and add a short disclaimer that “there have been issues with drop tables in the past so here’s this week’s expected event key drop table” - or something like thst jut worded better.

Don’t make it consumer alert but something that may interest people. I don’t know, I need sleep. :sweat_smile:

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After Arachnaean Weaver was Hawthorn, so it happened again (and that wasn’t only for one week).
They also said, they want to avoid that new mythic will be released in its kingdom event week,
then they did it with Kalika (was the only mythic, so no real problem), now they do it with The Gemini.
This is intentional lying or pure ignorance by devs!!!


Well, they’re trying to avoid it. Doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it. Semantics and all that…

I think the drop rate of mythic mimics are more common than devs showing up on the forums :+1:

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Anyone who thinks its spam or a nuisance is selfish.

Saying it once then letting it get buried is not how you inform people. How many new players have seen that vs how many would have if it did get buried?

The crap half of you stop and look at on Facebook and Twitter, but you have a problem with someone informing players of unethical practices…


Perhaps the consumer alert spam would cease if the same “mistakes” stopped happening over and over again.

When I over hear my boss at work correcting my coworker due to him making the same mistakes weekly if not daily. I’ll be sure to report said Boss to HR for spamming my ear waves.