[Reported] Weird graphical glitches after potion gems trigger

Platform, device version and operating system: PS4

Screenshot or image: I have 3 clips, but can’t upload .mp4 files to this forum apparently.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After potion gems resolve and fill the board with gems, then occasionally:

-if it becomes the player’s turn, the AI makes a phantom move - a gem is dragged to make a match, but no gems are matched. The player is then able to match as usual. Just a graphical glitch.

-if it becomes the AI’s turn, the AI makes two simultaneous matches. One gives mana and removes gems, the other does nothing and is just another graphical glitch.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Has happened a few times in the world event, running a 3x Beetrix team.

Steps to make it happen again
Match potions, or watch the AI do so.

Edit: It also happens when start-of-battle explosions destroy potion gems. The board resolved, and then the AI tried to make a brown 5-match before I took my first turn.

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My sister has the same visual bug, she plays on ios.

Same bug here, sorry I can’t provide a video, but this is my starting board after the explosions from the potion.
Global event, I clearly saw the AI doing the red match 5 before my first turn, then the image glitch and the board came back like before.

I saw it too in the guild game on android, so it seems to be on all devices?

It wouldn’t be a new heroic gem, that no one wants, without bugs :rofl:

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i’ve seen this as well.

  • before the game starts potion of explosion triggers.
  • explosion causes a potion gem to explode
  • gems spawned after explosion profide a 4 of a kind option
  • still before game starts a.i. seems to do a phantom move on the 4 of a kind

(pc, steam, 5.6.1r28764)

seeing it as well, it appears like the AI turn gets skipped when it happens, or it actually does get skipped, can’t tell 100%. Glad its not happening to us but hope they can fix it.