[Reported] Umbral Nexus Battles freeze

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Playing attacks in Umbral Nexus. Actually battle freezes in the first (I) or second (IV) Ifight. Screen can only be left by leaving the battle and loosing current seal. Problem occurs only in delve.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today after 16:00 hour playing with territories own troops.

Steps to make it happen again
Starting a new attempt at the territory.

I´ve lost 700 gems on seals. Not funny.

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If you wait until the born of X traits create gems and then let the matches and any gem cascades settle you can avoid this bug. Otherwise it either soft locks like what happened to you or creates blank spots on the board. It has been a known issue for weeks now. Also there are several of these bug reports just like this that already exist no need to open a new thread each time try to check for existing bug reports and post there if they exist before opening a new thread.

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Same thing happened to me in battle 1 of PF run at 500 so wasted sigil.


Yeah it happens just gotta wait a few seconds before taking your turn to let everything spawn and settle and you will avoid it. Just finished my first 500 pure faction run using 1 paladin 3 wisps with the double purple brown - blue banner and managed to avoid any soft locking. On the plus side of this bug if you can get a 4+ match off the gems they spawn you store the extra turn allowing you to cast a wisp and keep your turn lol.


To find the other thread I would have to know, that it´s the ‘Born of X’ Trait" that causes the problem. Besides I restarted playing the game about 2 weeks ago.
If the problem is known for weeks it´s honestly even worse.

Nice to know, that there´s a kind of workaround - doesn´t save unexperienced players to waste currency though.


Yeah its unfortunate they do not send in game notifications warning of known bugs. You can filter the forums by category and look under bug reports opening a number of those would show the same bug you detailed. Their titles were similar and did not contain the trait of X in the description. All mentioned either freezing or umbral nexus though.