[Reported] Umbral Stars are bugged

On Steam with Windows 10.

Exploded an Umbral Star. It destroys the row but then everything freezes. Gravity suddenly stops and the gems don’t fall and instead leave a blank row. Only way out of that is to retreat which makes you lose the game and you have to restart the level (this means you lose/waste your token).

Second time this happens to me on the final fight in the weekend Delve event at lvl 300 using an all-faction team.

Get to level 300 of the Delve event, use a team comprised of Void Wisp, two Darkborn Warlock and Umbral Portal. Activate Umbral Portal as often as possible. The bug doesn’t always happen immediately the first time you activate Umbral Portal, but eventually it will. It only needs to happen once in your game to fudge things up.

That is not the fault of umbral stars. You like many other players are just discovering a weeks long bug with all the trait of X troop traits. If you cast or move gems before allowing the gems the trait creates to settle and any matches to resolve either it soft locks the game making you unable to play or creates blank spots on the board where gems do not go. In order to avoid this let the gems be created and any matches and gem cascades to happen before trying to cast or match gems. It is a know issue and has been bugged for a few weeks now. It will supposedly be fixed in 6.1 update.

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Thanks for clarifying.

Coincidence I guess that it happened to me both times after matching Umbral Stars.

Does this happen on Apple phones too? I don’t know if this is just another coincidence but this happened to me only on Steam and while using an all-faction team. It didn’t happen to me with my all-faction team at lvl 200 but I was playing on my iPhone then.