[Reported] Trials in the Bright Forest

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
As you see, in my fixed team I have Florian that good only for effect of Mana Drain. Problem is, it’s against same fixed team of Shimmerscale (immune to Mana Drain), Brownie (immune), Tinseltail (immune) and Cu Sith (invisible). Looks like… trolling or something?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always, obviously.

Steps to make it happen again
Enter Bright Forest trials.

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Join the club, we’ve already reported it.

The best part is that this is actually the UPDATED team roster – the previous one included Pixie which suffered the EXACT same problem because 3 opponents were Fireproof and the only one that wasn’t was Stealthy, making the mentioned gimmick (almost) impossible to exploit.

The previous roster

Your team:

  • Shimmerscale
  • Glitterclaw
  • Twinkle Berry
  • Pixie

CPU team:

  • Summer Knight (Fireproof)
  • Glitterclaw (Fireproof)
  • Brownie (Stealthy)
  • Queen Titania (Fireproof)

(Aside: Because this is trait-based, it actually only starts occurring at Tier 2-3, so new players attempting Tier 1 are not affected)

This is a textbook case (one of many!) where pitting one Kingdom’s troops against itself tends to be inherently self-defeating, as a kingdom featuring one particular gimmick tends to often be immune to it themselves. (Though it’s … actually not as guilty of this as Merlantis is)


Theres a whole thread up about this already.

This was an intentional team design and was changed from a different team. This is not a bug, its an intentional design flaw.


Well, I read the mentioned thread, and I don’ buy “intentional flaw” thing. I struggled epic challenges in one of the previous weeks, where enemy has all good troops, and I rely on random “enemy will not pull out the killing tricks” events (and finished the last tier after like half-hundred attempts because of that), Was it “learning experience” too? Over all of that, I recommended to use Fairy Fire, and system gives me literally zero ability to use it deliberately (and qute a slim chance to get it accidentally in 4x-match, as I haven’t any gem-generating troop too). So I still believe in bad design, sorry.

Well bad design for me would imply an oversight or an accident of some degree. Intentional flaw would be something like taking a look at the previous team, deciding to change it, changing it to something that also does not work, and then releasing it knowingly.

I understand its probably 6 of 1 and half dozen of another (same same) but ok

At least it’s easy to complete.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.

I’ve raised your concerns about the Bright Forest trials to the development team who have confirmed that they will look again to balance the immunity (or mana drain) traits before the next time Bright Forest rolls around again.