Bright forest florian bug

Florian troop is meant to drain 12 mana and create green gems equal to mana drained but after multiple attempts does NOT drain any mana or create any green gems equal to mana drained.

Its happening every fight for the last 3 fights, troop not working.

Surprisingly enough the troops traits seem to work though.

make sure the target isnt immune to mana drain. if you are doing the trials, im pretty sure all the enemy troops were either immune to mana drain or stealthy.


Lol i didnt check that, i assumed based off of targeting all troops and it not working.

Ok, if thats the case as im not in game now, why the heck would the devs put a pointless troop in the team then that cannot actually do anything to the enemy team? Oh wait, 505… :rofl:


yup, the tooltip even says to use troops to drain mana… its ridiculous


just kill all the manashield’d units and drain it from the last stealthy guys
it’s simple math