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[More info needed] Mana not being counted

I play on XBox and have recently changed my settings to show mana details. This allows me to keep count of my gems needed to fill my mana. I have noticed that about once a battle I’ll clear some gems, see the graphic that the mana has gone to a troop, but the gems don’t get added to the count. I have seen this happen to the opposing side as well. I am talking about troops that do not have a spell on them.
I am new to the game and perhaps there is an RNG element I am not aware of yet. I did search for this as a possible know issue, but saw nothing.

This part I can’t quite figure out, you might want to provide a few more details.

Some wild guesses that might explain your observation:

  • If multiple troops share the same mana color, collected mana is assigned top to bottom, only the overflow goes to the troops below.
  • Some spells can only be cast once (e.g. Tassarion), they get disabled afterwards and no longer collect mana.

I did check for that. My live account is out of room so I can’t save videos atm. I’ll see if I can delete some so I can show what I mean.

There’s also the Silence status effect. If the mana orb is shown in white, the troop is unable to collect mana and cast spells until it wears off.

It can’t be that as a silenced troop won’t show the quantity of gems required to fill.

Had this exact issue with
Queen mab.
Dark troll.
Liang is the only yellow user. He cast for a gain if 14 yellow. 3 yellow dropped in the cascade and he wasnt filled. Abyssal banner would’ve reduced by 1. But 14 + 2 is still 16 (full)

People please stop making excuses for this issue, every time this is brought up ppl want to blame the player for missing something. its not the player its the game.


the game does not always give you the mana collected on 3 or 4 matches.

This only started after Pets were released in 3.4 (if it started before then, i did not notice untill 3.4)

It usually does not prevent me from winning the match but is very anoying and feels like the game is cheating, but i cant really say that anymore cause i have also see it deny the AI mana as well, so i now i think its just a bug introduced in 3.4

most ppl probably do not notice it because they play on speeds of 2.5X and up

Dev’s please fix this issue

@Saltypatra @Cyrup are the devs looking into this issue ?

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They are aware of it but no fix in 3.5 for it… tells you how much they. Care about the basics

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Hi @HONUSDAN ! If you could please use the bug reporting template when you make a new post about a bug, that would be really helpful. If my following post does not address your issue you can find it here. This will help us understand your issue and see if it’s something we know about, and if not, it can help us investigate to fix it.

Hello Icarium, please avoid breaking the community guidelines by altering what a dev has said - I have not explicitly stated this, and as far as I am aware neither has a developer.

Here are the known issues we are aware of:

  • No extra turns generated on 4/5 gem matches at the start of battle - Fixed in 3.5
  • When a 4 gem match is made and it involves doomskulls, it will explode the gems and destroy them before enabling them to be matched for mana - 3.5
  • Icarium posted an issue over here which we haven’t yet verified so I can’t provide anymore information for fear of it being inaccurate!

There are a dozen threads with this topic posted and in one of them it was stated that you guys are working on the missing turn issue, but no fix coming for the missing mana. Banana me that I didn’t link to the dev saying it but it was a dev and not a forum member.Screenshot_20180607-161308

I certainly hope a screen shot will suffice.

I will try and get a recording of it happening. Once I do I’ll post that.

At no point did I explicitly state that we were not fixing it in 3.5 “No not yet” means I have no update on the issue.

@HONUSDAN Cheers! Any other info is helpful. :slight_smile:

At no point did I say you weren’t working on a fix… only that you guys weren’t rushing to get on top of it for the next update.

Generally we require a more solid bug report to act on anything quickly, especially if we can’t verify the issue easily, which we can’t. This is off-topic, so I will follow up on your original bug report. :slight_smile:

This is ongoing and has been noticeably happening more. Just today during the raid 2 troop did not get mana ,hero was 2 away from filling matched 3 plus banner is same color all red because I use mang ,no mana.ending up getting killed because of this issue many times.

There are a few issues I can think of that are happening.

Ubastet is killing sometimes 1, yes 1 troop, 2, 3 with a summons and 4 if they are all equal health. Try 4 firebombs that are low enough to kill with first hit. Happened once for me. Today Ubastet twice only killed 1 opponent for me.

The 4 gem not getting an extra turn is not restricted to the first turn, it also occurs if you do a 4 match too fast, usually before effects from opponent haven’t finished. That might be the same reason as the first turn bug. Try it, it’s the only plausible explanation I have other than random bug.

It is possible, you can match 3 skulls and keep the turn on the first go. It happened to me once vs four fire bombs, I was able to move whilst it was buffing and I just want to get them over fast and I kept the turn. Might be the same bug as the first turn bug. I have been unable to replicate it since. Absolutely 100% happened.

On 5 gem matches sometimes they do not grant an extra turn if they are horizontal and vertical gem matches and you swipe to the left. I am not sure if that relates to doing them too fast as per the first bug.

The exploders are giving too much mana, and there are issues with them. I lost a GW battle last week to a TDS team, who I had got down to TDS only. I was at 75% health on all troops and the TDS on the 4th loop filled up without exploding it’s own colours. There were no reds or purples on the board at all bar 1 red gem, yet if refilled and killed my team eventually. I didn’t video it as I knew it couldn’t loop again, but it did! This appears to be in connection with some kind of ‘pity’ issue, the AI does seem to get angry and make impossible wins if you have been on a roll. So it seems at least.

Frozen is not working properly in combo with doomskulls and mix of skull/doomskulls, player is able to take skull matched whilst frozen and retain the turn in certain conditions.

Mana collected is sometimes not being counted correctly, happened to me with Emperor Liang since 3.4 and also seems to happen when playing too fast.

Hopefully it is this too fast issue and a simple fix, but to the Devs it is not restricted to the first turn only…

I’m on Xbox too and have same annoying issue in almost every battle and I’m closing in on level 500. There’s no difference between how many gems you match. This is truly a game breaking bug, which needs to be adressed as soon as possible. It ruins the whole idea behind tactics and timing.

Hey, if it’s happening every match please record the match so we can see what’s causing it, so far no one has provided any video of it happening, we can’t make it happen when we’re testing and we can’t see a bug in the code.

So if it’s happening that reliably for you you can help us solve this.


It would help if I updated my findings from 2 year ago. I spent months recording every time my mana wasn’t added. What I found was that it was an optical illusion. The mana count is added to the total before the game animation. It happens so fast that it looks like was never added. The slower the speed you play the game the more the illusion works. I would recommend bumping your game speed to 4x to help.


Thanks for the input. I tested it with all speeds and unfortunately, it didn’t work. Years ago I was of the same opinion as you, thinking it matched very fast, but now I’m sure, that it is not the case.

Actually the bug is quite obvious. I’ve got 6 mana and matches 3 gems. I should now have 9 (without bonusses), but I still got 6 mana. This ruins a lot of the overall strategy for teams and I’m really amazed that the devs haven’t tried to play GoW on a Xbox, just to see if they get the bug, so many people complain about.