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Matches not giving mana

Xbox 1
Explore or PvP
Cast liang for a gain of 14 yellow, he’s the only yellow user on the team.
In the drop down matched 3 more yellow, he wasn’t filled.
Happened in another match for queen titania.

Team is
Queen mab
Dark troll
Queen titania
Emporer liang.

Dude this bug has been around on Xbox for at least 2 months. Im convinced its part of the games cheat code now. Im in top 50 on Xbox PVP right now so trust me i know this happens consistently 1 out of 5 games. If i lose a match in PVP its either a meta Divine team crushed me, or a round were the game kept denying me mana on color matches.

At first i though i was trippin, but i think that is the point. the devs know 90% of the community plays at 2x speed or higher and at that speed it is a very easy thing to miss. but after playing 400-500 + matches a week and seeing it happen constantly, Im convinced its done on purpose to curve winning streaks. THIS GAME CHEATS SO HARD ITS FUNNY SOMETIMES, but that’s only cause im use to it by now. Still a shame tho. Smh

Edit: It only happens in PVP and it doesn’t matter what team you use

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Might be a dumb question, but: what banner were you running? Possibly Abyssal Banner or Slayer Banner or Trident Banner?

Yes abyssal. I know it drops a yellow off matches but 14 from liang is 14… a yellow 3 match shouldve filled liang

I wonder if Destroy, like Explode, is only giving 70% mana, not full. Because 70% of 14 is 10, then a match-3 minus one for the banner would make it 12 mana total, which would leave Liang unfilled as you observed.

Any chance you remember what Liang’s mana was at, exactly, after it happened?

Edit: Or possibly the banner applies to the total haul from the Destroy and the match? Since that would leave him with (14-1)+(3-1) = 15 mana and unfilled.

IT WAS 14… he was empty because I was just casting him to gain the yellow back.
After the 14 gain there was a 3 yellow drop and match but nothing gained.
Am I speaking English?

And no liangs gain is not affected by the banner as it’s not a match.

Well that’ll teach ME to try and help. Good luck.

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Considering it was stated explicitly in all posts what I had gained… yeah.

Please endeavour to be more polite to your fellow forum members @Icarium81.


Sure thing. Right after said members learn how to read.

How about instead of just commenting on an unrelated aspect, you actually do your job though and give info on the issue posted… you know, like a dev who is doing their job and not just another forum member.

Any chance you could be more helpful than salty?

It is not Salty’s job to identify game issues and if she choses not to respond to you for breaking community guidellines and being rude to another player I think she is well within her right to.

To confirm we are on the same page, is this is the issue you are seeing:


I cast Liang’s spell on the red gem in between those yellow gems in the backwards L shape.

if this is correct:

  1. Confirming this is only in PVP in Explore that you have noticed?
  2. How much mana did Liang fill, even though his spell was not correctly performed?
  3. When did you first notice this happening? In what update?
  4. Have any other team combinations triggered this? (e.g. same team but maybe with another yellow troop instead)

Yes only PvP and explore that I noticed
Cast on YELLOW. Liang being the only yellow user on my team, he gained the 14 yellow on the board as normal. He did NOT gain the 3 (2 mana from abyssal banner) from the following drop down of the board.
Noticed the day I posted or day before. So 3.4.
Don’t use other teams except for dailies requirements.

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